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The No.1 Name in Brake Calipers is Performance Machine. 

Performance Machine have been doing this since 1970

They began CNC machining their calipers back in 1980 and it took over a decade for anybody to even start trying to catch up with them.  They continue to lead the way in design, research and manufacturing.

Your standard/stock calipers on your Harley-Davidson are forged and look a little chunky, like a blob of cast aluminium.

whenever you’re using your brakes you’re generating heat through friction and high heat will cause damage over time.  The design of the Performance Machine Calipers dissipates heat more quickly than your stock calipers.  The back of the caliper has no unnecessary material storing heat and it also has more surface area to help cool it down quicker.

Performance Machine 4 Piston Caliper

Stock calipers can vary depending on the year and model of your bike. Some may only have 1 or 2 pistons.

When it comes to braking power I’d rather have more than less so for your average sized harley Davidson I’d go for the 4 piston caliper or possibly a 6 piston caliper.

4 Pistons provides more pressure applied to the plate which means more bite on the rotor. That bite is applied evenly which means the frictional heat is distributed more evenly. This prevents you from getting a hot spot in one section of the plate.

Reminder: Heat can be your enemy so spreading the heat load more evenly will help your equipment to last longer.

Note: If you have a lager model bike then you obviously have a heavier load you need to bring to a stop.  If that’s your situation then I’d look at the 6 piston calipers.


Left Hand Front 4 Piston Caliper – Black Contrast Cut. Fits Softail 2015-2017, V-Rod 2006-2017, Touring 2008-2016 & Sportster 2014up.

PART No: P00522413BM

Performance Machine 6 Piston Caliper

6 pistons provide more pressure than 4 but that’s not all… The Performace Machine 6 Piston Caliper uses a 112x6B Differential Bore.  This means the pistons increase in size from smaller to larger following to direction of the rotor spin.

This is important because more heat is generated at the end of the caliper as the rotor finishes it’s journey along the plate.  the larger pistons can disperse more heat as the rotor rolls through.

You will feel the improvement instantly after you upgrade from stock calipers to Performance machine calipers.

Better Design – Better Heat Dissipation – Better Bite – Better Stopping Power

Tech Tip: If you’re going to upgrade to these better quality calipers then you should also invest in new braided lines.  Don’t detract from your new stopping power with your spongy stock lines.

Note: The model shown here requires purchase of 13.0in. Disc Rotor

Left Hand Front 6 Piston Caliper – Black Contrast Cut. Fits Softail 2000-2017, Dyna 2000-2005, Touring 2000-2007 & Sportster 2000-2007 Models with 13″ Disc Rotor.

PART No: P00512917BM


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