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PERFORMANCE MACHINE: Transforming Your Bike From Ordinary To Extraordinary

Enhance your Harley-Davidson’s® performance, handling, and style with top-quality parts from the experts at Performance Machine. This guide explores Performance Machine’s unrivaled selection of wheels, brakes, controls, and other essential upgrades to customize your bike and own the road.


Founded in 1970, Performance Machine manufactures the highest-performing, most durable, and visually stunning motorcycle parts money can buy. The company pioneered the use of billet aluminum in wheels, making them lighter and stronger than cast parts. This obsession with innovative materials and technology transformed the aftermarket industry.

Upgrading key components pays dividends in aesthetics, handling, horsepower, and control. Lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight for quicker acceleration and deceleration. Better brakes improve stopping distances in rain or shine. Extended controls tailor the ergonomics and riding position to your body. And free-flowing intakes unlock hidden horsepower reserves in the engine.

Perry Sands – Circa 1970

Benefits of Choosing Performance Machine Parts

With Performance Machine, you get what you pay for unparalleled performance and pinnacle craftsmanship thanks to state-of-the-art machining and materials.

Superior Quality & Craftsmanship

Each Performance Machine part exceeds OEM specifications and tight tolerances unmatched by offshore knockoffs. Billet aluminum components outperform cheaper cast parts across every measure, from strength to consistency. All manufacturing occurs start-to-finish at their Arizona headquarters under watchmaker-level quality control.

Customization & Style

Beyond going faster and harder, Performance Machine parts simply look incredible thanks to billet aluminum’s unique visual depth and their master craftsmen’s attention to artistic detail. And with an endless array of anodized finishes from classy stealth black to Ferrari red to custom color matching, you can modify your bike’s style as easily as its performance.

Performance Machine Parts Categories


Performance Machine manufacturers a broad range of motorcycle part upgrades. These are their 3 main categories:


Lose weight where it counts most with Performance Machine’s forged aluminum wheels. With up to a 7-pound advantage over stock wheels, you’ll accelerate harder, handle better, and stop quicker thanks to reduced unsprung weight.



When you ride faster, you must stop faster. Performance Machine brake systems improve stopping power and feel with minimal lever pressure.



Dial in the perfect ergonomic triangle of your handlebars, seat, and foot controls with Performance Machine components. Find your ideal riding position for comfort, control, and confidence when attacking those fun twisty sections and on your long hauls.

Performance Machine Wheels, Built for Speed and Agility

Constructed from 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum through an advanced forging process, Performance Machine wheels strike an optimal balance of featherlight weight and immense strength.

By shaving off unneeded mass, these ultra-light wheels contribute to nimble handling and improved suspension response. Lateral rigidity translates to precise cornering and control through sweeping curves, while the reduced rotational inertia allows for easier acceleration, deceleration, and changes in momentum.


  • 300-500 grams lighter than stock OEM wheels
  • Forged aluminum construction 20-30% stronger than cast wheels
  • Rigidity for responsive turning and improved stability
  • Lightweight for superior acceleration and braking
  • Wheel sizes from 16” to 21” for perfect fitment

Tested Tough

Intensive lab and road testing under extreme conditions ensures every Performance Machine wheel measures up to the brand’s hard-earned reputation for unmatched robustness. Forged from superior materials and carefully inspected at multiple production stages, these wheels will stand up to the rigors of daily aggressive riding as well as the racetrack. For additional buyer assurance, Performance Machine offers solid 1-year warranties against manufacturing defects across its wheel lines.


  • 100% quality control inspection at 3 stages
  • Extensively tested for structural and mechanical integrity
  • Proven reliability through 30+ years and countless race wins
  • 1-year limited warranty against defects

For riders demanding the best in performance, looks, and strength from their motorcycle, Performance Machine wheels deliver on every front. Durable yet lightweight, high-tech yet stylish, these forged aluminum wheels have the power to transform your entire ride. Ready to customize your bike with top-tier accessory upgrades? Start by rolling on a set of Performance Machine wheels.



Performance Machine Brake Calipers: Stopping Power and Style

Nearly 50% of motorcycle accidents involve braking errors. Upgrading to Performance Machine calipers significantly boosts stopping power for safer riding.

As leaders in premium motorcycle parts since 1970, Performance Machine combines innovative engineering with head-turning aesthetics. This article explores their brake caliper range and how they enhance performance and custom style.

Superior Stopping Power

Performance Machine calipers deliver uncompromising stopping power.

4 & 6 Piston Caliper Design

Superior to single or dual-piston calipers, Performance Machine’s 4 & 6 piston design distributes clamping force more evenly. This allows:

  • Shorter stopping distances
  • Better brake modulation
  • Reduced fade thanks to heat dissipation across all pistons

Billet Aluminum Construction Advanced Engineering

Performance Machine crafts calipers from aircraft-grade aluminum billet, offering:


  • Exceptional strength
  • Rigidity under heavy braking
  • Lighter weight than stock iron calipers
  • CNC machining for precision tolerances
  • Progressive piston bore profiles
  • Compatible with top brake pad compounds


Independent tests confirm 60-0 mph stops under 100 feet.

Transform Your Bagger with Performance Machine Mid Controls

For bagger riders seeking more aggressive ergonomics and enhanced control, Performance Machine’s Bagger Mid Control Kits deliver transformative handling and styling upgrades.

Race-Ready Ergonomics and Adjustability

Lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum construction for added strength without excessive weight. The mid controls come in black and Gold finishes to complement your bike’s existing aesthetics.


The ergonomically designed controls place your feet in a natural position for better leverage and comfort on long rides. With adjustable brake and shift levers, you can fine tune the controls to fit your body dimensions perfectly.

Performance Machine mid controls bolt directly to your stock frame for straightforward installation with no welding or fabrication required. They are designed to work seamlessly with Harley-Davidson® M8 Touring models. 


Improved Performance and Aggression

By repositioning the controls closer to the bike’s centerline, Performance Machines Mid Control Kits enhance steering responsiveness and allow more aggressive riding through corners. The resets also increase cornering and ground clearance.

The smooth-action shifter reduces throw length for faster gear changes. Paired with Performance Machine’s billet brake master cylinder, the custom mid controls provide superior brake pressure and feedback





Performance Machine were pioneers of the V-Twin After Market industry. Their creativity and head-turning aesthetics quickly cemented them as leaders in a new market back in the 1970’s. More impressively, they have remained at the cutting edge of innovation, research & development to create beautifully crafted parts that boost the performance of Harley-Davidson motorcycles for more than 50 years. 



Keep an eye out for their Race Bagger No.50 in future Bagger racing events.


Now you can equip your motorcycle with these same championship-winning components. Just imagine the neck-snapping acceleration, lightning-quick braking, and head-turning beauty you’ll achieve.


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