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Monotube Front Suspension

Most people focus on the rear suspension and that’s fine but if you only upgrade the rear shocks then you’re only doing half the job correctly.

Having upgraded your rear end suspension will probably exaggerate your sense of poor performance on the front end.  You’ll notice it more as you hit the front brake and your bike dives down, or when you’re cornering hard and it has a marshmallow spongy feel to it.

These monotubes have a gas charged damper just like Progressive Suspension’s rear shocks.

While installing the monotube you can adjust the preload o match your weight and riding style.  Once it’s installed you never have to do the front forks service again.   

The kit features a set of gas charged Monotube damper cartridges and a set of custom tuned fork springs in stock and lowered versions. Replaces all of the OEM fork internals.

Progressive Suspension 430 Series

The 430 is a high-pressure gas monotube design that utilizes deflective disk damping for optimal control throughout your ride.  You get great high speed and low speed damping from this unit.

The progressive rate coil spring provides a smooth ride for small bumps but also has the spring strength when required to prevent bottoming out on those harsh dips.

These are a great looking shock in black with the contrast cuts in the top piece. Thos cutsare also functional, they allow you to hand adjust the preload either clockwise or counter-clockwise on the threaded section.

the 430 series fits a large range of V-Twins, for more info click the button below to see all fitment options.

Progressive Suspension 444 Series 

This is a step up shock that fits most models and provides some adjustability.  It’s a monotube shock which keeps the fluid less aerated and this cools it faster than a twin tube shock.  The cooler fluid in your shock works better/smoother for valving.

This also uses Frequency Sensing Technology (FST) so the shock can react differently to small bumps than it will for more serious bone shaker bumps and potholes.

The coil is a progressive spring and you can see how the spring is tighter at the bottom end.  The top section of the spring allows good easy movement for managing small road variations, giving you a smooth ride.  The bottom section of the spring becomes tighter and provides a firmer resistance and this stops you bottoming out when you strike those big hits. 

A threaded section at the top can be rotated by hand to adjust these shocks to match your ideal preload.  It is best to get this dialed in before your ride because it can take some grip strength to adjust them with out tools.

Progressive Suspension 465 Series

This is the most versatile shock from Progressive Suspension.  It has an aluminium body monotube shock with a progressive rate spring to reduce jarring.

There is a rebound adjuster at the base of the shock which can be adjusted using the allen key provided.  This will alter the speed of the rebound. At the top of the shock is a threaded adjustment section so you can tighten or loosen it to setup your preferred preload.  Rotate clockwise to stiffen and conter-clockwise to loosen the preload.

Progressive Suspension 490 Sport Series

A high performance sport shock.  a high pressure monotube construction with deflective disc damping technology.  The thread adjustment can be made by hand to tighten or loosen the preload.  Just like the 465 series it has a rebound adjustment at the bottom of the shock, this alters the flow rate of fluids to speed up or slow down your rebound.

The 490 has a linear rate spring (not progressive) so you get a consistent feel through the damper stroke and ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges.  An engineered jounce bumper with a built-in metal cup also help smooth out and control bottoming.

From pounding pavement around town to hammering around the tarmac on your next race day, the 490 is the perfect choice for those that demand high performance!

Progressive Suspension 944 Series

The 944 is engineered from the ground up specifically for Touring Bikes.  when you’re riding with extra saddlebag loads and/or passengers then your rebound, damping and springing requirements than the average softail/dyna setup.

The 944 series contains Frequency Sensing Technology (FST).  The shock will damp differently for small and large bumps in the road.  The preload is adjustable by hand and they have provided a great knurled section so you can get a strong grip when you need to turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise.

When swapping from your factory shock you will lower your bike about an inch, however you will still get the full travel range as the standard 13″ shocks and it’ll be smoother.

Progressive Suspension 970 Series

The 970 Series shocks for the 1991-2017 Dyna and Indian Scout come with a piggyback reservoir.  This allows the unit to hold a higher volume of gas and fluid.  Becuase there’s more gas & liquid volume it takes longer to heat up.  having the extra piggyback unit also helps it cool more quickly.

Running cool is always positive.  When your shocks get hot they can cause the gas and fluid to bubble and become a foam and that it the cause of Shock Fade.  If your shocks get so hot that this happens then your shock is less responsive and your handling feels terrible.  The piggyback reservior virtually eliminates this issue.

Again you have the knob adjustable compression damping combined with the threaded preload adjusters.  the 970 also has a progressive rate coil spring and deflective disc damping.

these are a great quality shock for Dyna, Sportster & Indian Scout motorcycles.

Progressive Suspension 990 Series

A highly adjustable shock for the V-Twin market.  The 990 Sport series shock features complete adjustability with a 0.4” adjustable height eyelet, rebound damping adjustment, High & Low Speed compression damping adjustment via easily accessible knobs, and threaded hand adjustable spring preload.

The 990 contains a high-pressure monotube with deflective disc damping routed through two unique circuits.  This provides a consistent feel through the damper stroke for improved performance and stability.

The engineered jounce bumper features a captured design to help smooth and control bottoming out.

Every 990 Series Progressive Suspension shock is hand-built, tuned and dyno tested in their facility before shipping which is why they come with a lifetime warranty. 

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