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Jagg Oil Coolers keep your engine cool in hot climates and extreme conditions. Engineered with a diverse range of cutting-edge technologies, Jagg Oil Coolers are the perfect for any Harley-Davidson ridden in warm weather, or high-performance bikes that run hot.

Jagg’s Hyper-Flow technology reduces oil temperature, which in turn extends the life of your motor oil, reduces engine wear-and-tear, and increases horsepower.

How’s it work? Jagg uses a comprehensive system utilising multiple technologies to keep your oil temperature down. Air flow, oil flow and surface area are maximised, while fins, turbulators, brazing technology, advanced oil filter adapter design, and a thermostatic actuator contribute to the overall system.

Jagg Oil Coolers are easy to install and their innovative design means they fit seamlessly on the vast majority of Harley-Davidson engines.

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Jagg Oil Coolers are proudly distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Rollies Speed Shop. For more information on this or any product call (07) 3252 5381 or visit our Dealer Locator page to find a dealer near you.


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