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Legend’s REVO ARC series suspensions are the most technologically advanced coil shocks to roll off the Legend factory floor, while also being the first to feature a remote reservoir suspension system. The increased fluid capacity helps lower temperature, meaning you can ride harder and longer without experiencing shock fade. With the REVO ARC series, riders can experience a new-found level of performance, handling, and ease-of-use.

Sold in 13″ and 14″ sizes, with both standard and heavy-duty variations on offer for each length, these springs produce superior ride quality and performance. Consider the heavy-duty springs if the majority of your riding is 2-up, stunt riding, or you have an aggressive riding style. For everyone else, standard is what you’re after.

REVO ARCs are made from a 35mm monotube construction, created specifically for motorcycles with a balanced piston and base-valve design, and completed with a hard-coated Black Type III Anodize finish. They are easy to install and align, thanks to the provided spherical bearings. Best of all there are no tools needed to tune the shocks to your personal riding preference.

The low friction sealing system and specially-made sliding bearings provide an improved performance and feel, and the seven external adjustment knobs let you fine-tune until you find your sweet spot. Taking advantage of the Nitrogen gas bladder design also means an ultra-fast response with stiction-free movement.

Available for a range of Dynas, Sportsters, and Touring models, with Legend Suspension’s REVO ARC series you’ll experience the optimum rebound and compression performance for any riding style.

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