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Legend Suspensions REVO Series Provide An Instant Noticable Difference.

Whether you have an older bike or a brand new model, upgrading your suspension makes an instant, noticable difference to the performance and handling of your bike.

The REVO Series are larger by comparison and have more travel space for the coil. The larger REVO coils provide an improved plush ride quality, control, and resistance to bottoming-out

Legend Suspensions have created an awesome suspension part with easy adjustability so you can tune it to suit your load and riding style perfectly, from easy cruising to aggressive riding.

You’ll feel more stable cornering and those unavoidable potholes won’t jar your body on impact.  When the suspension is dialed in correctly you can instantly notice the improvement.

Check out the videos below which explain all the differences, features and benefits of the REVO, REVO-A & REVO ARC …

Legend Suspensions REVO ARC Series

  • The REVO ARC provides amazing comfort and control with adjustability to suit your riding style.
  • You have complete control to adjust the rebound and compression dampening to match your mood.  From casual touring to aggressive performance maneuvers, Legend Suspensions have you covered.
  • The elliptical mounting slots make them easy to install and eliminate suspension bind.
  • Every damper is independently tested after assembly to ensure their strict performance standards are met and maintained.
  • Mounting brackets for the remote reservoir can be purchased separately to match your bike’s year and model.
  • The REVO ARC is available in Clear, Gold & Black hard coat anodised 
Revo ARC Remote Reservoir Suspension. Adjustable, Heavy Duty Spring Rate, Rear Shock Absorbers.
Designed for all FL Touring models.
Enjoy superior ride quality with easily adjustable spring rates.  The body is threaded so you can twist the coil left or right to find your ideal sweet spot without requiring any tools.
With 7 positions of rebound & compression adjustment the REVO ARC offers a wide range of adjustability.
Revo ARC Piggyback Suspension. Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers

Designed for Dyna, FXR and Sportster models.

The extended length coil springs allow for a larger sweet spot without increasing the overall shock length.

You can fine-tune your ride preference with minimal preload adjustments between rider’s weights or loads

Legend Suspensions REVO-A Series

  • The REVO-A has a hex style threaded pre-load adjuster, spring adjustments are easily made with a spanner.
  • There is a 3 position external adjuster allowing you to fine-tune for optimal performance matched to your ride style.
  • High resistence to bottoming and quick response action on rough roads.  The REVO-A has hard anodised finish to ensure many years or trouble free performance.
REVO-A Series, Adjustable Rear Shock Absorbers

Designed for Softail, Dyna, FLH, Sportster & V-Rod models

Available in 850-Standard or 1000-Heavy Duty Spring options.

These are hand made and individually tested in Sturgis, South Dakota, USA.

REVO Series, Rear Shock Absorbers

Designed for Dyna, FLH, Sportster, Tri-Glide & V-Rod models

Simple to adjust by winding the shock.

If you add spring tension you turn the spring counter clockwise.  this shortens the spring and makes it more firm.

To reduce spring tension simply wind the spring clockwise.  This lengthens the spring and makes it softer.

How To Install Your Legend Suspensions REVO-A

Installing your REVO or REVO-A suspension is fairly straight forward if you want to do it your self.  Follow along with this short video.

After installation make sure you set your sag correctly to match your ride load and riding style. (see video below this one)

It's Important To Set Your Suspension To Correctly Match Your Load

Don’t just install your new shocks and leave them on the factory setting.  These are adjustable for a reason.  You want to get these dialed in to match your load and your riding style perfectly.  You will be amazed at the difference it makes when these are correctly set for You.

The main focus is setting the correct Sag…

For a 12″ Shock you want a 1/2″ Sag

For a 13″ or 14″ Shock you want a 1″ Sag.

After you’ve installed your new Legend Suspension REVO Shocks follow along as we show you step by step on how to do it. Chase goes into depth on how to set the sag and get the best performance possible!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still reading then i have to ask “What are you waiting for?” 

There are parts that improve performance and there are parts that improve your comfort, but only a few parts that improve both.  

Legend Suspensions REVO Series will give you more control, better traction, more stable cornering and a smoother ride.

The quick and easy adjustment allows you to match your suspension settings with your load changes.  These are a great investment and will make your bike feel and handle the way it should. 

Riding solo & then adding a partner is no longer a pain, simply tighten your suspension with couple of quick turns and your setup is back on point.

Whether you have an older bike or a brand new model straight out of the factory I urge you to upgrade to Legend Suspensions. 

Check out the full range of options by clicking the button below and please call us with any questions you have.

Setting Your Rebound

Setting your Rebound depends on your personal preference.  There is no “Correct” setting designated for your weight or riding style.

Check out the video below and let Travis explain in more detail how to make the adjustments to find what’s right for YOU…

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