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Rinehart Racing® Performance Parts

In the early 90’s Rinehart started in a basement garage one night using borrowed tools to fabricate exhaust collectors fora NASCAR driven by Dave Marcis.  This led to the creation on performance parts that revolutionized stock car racing and then V-Twin motorcycles.

Today Rinehart Racing® is the largest V-Twin Exhaust brand making all of their parts in America for Harley-Davidson® & Indian Motorcycles®

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, they have become known Worldwide for creating great pipes with an iconic sound.  That deep throaty rumble with the crisp high note is easily recognizable.  It’s the sound V-Twin riders expect to hear when they start their engine.

While the sound is a major key to Rinehart’s success they also focus on bringing out the best performance from your engine.

We recently ran some Dyno tests using the same bike and some setup to ensure the results would be a fair comparison.  We were curious to see how much performance difference a slip-on exhaust could truly make.

We ran the stock exhaust first to use as a baseline for comparison.

The Rinehart 4″ Muffler showed  +2.23% HP and +9.76% Torque over stock. A nice result for a slip on with a great note.

This would improve even more with a high flow air filter & a fuel tuner.

We have seen great results with Rinehart mufflers on all size engines builds. (see Dyno chart below)

We have run Rinehart mufflers combined with Rinehart Headers in a Milwaukee-Eight Road Glide with a 128ci Cylinder Kit & an S&S 475 Cam (2019 114ci FLTRXS)

Awesome results!

Power:  76.7 -> 117.3 (40.6 HP increase / 52.9% increase)

Torque:  107.9 -> 137.6 (29.7 ft-lbs TQ increase / 27.5% increase)

Don’t shortcut your build, you never know when you want more power. Be confident that Rinehart have you covered!

Rinehart Racing® Mufflers

4″ Slip-On Mufflers – Black with Black End Caps. Fits Touring 2017up  

These slip-on mufflers feature a uniquely designed Venture Chamber Baffle that maximises your engines’ performance.

These mufflers are a quick and easy installation because they are comparible with OEM Headers & most aftermarket true dual exhausts.

Rinehart mufflers have a distinctive loud sound with that iconic throatiness and crisp note on the top that riders have come to expect.  All Rinhart Racing® mufflers are sold in pairs.

4-1/2″ DBX45 Slip-On Mufflers – Chrome with Chrome End Caps. Fits Touring 2017up

NEW DBX45 Slip on Muffler… It’s LOUD!

  • 2.5in. Baffle that’s engineered specifically to increase and enhance the sound of the M8 engine, while providing a free-flowing exhaust and the perfect amount of backpressure, unlocking both horsepower and torque.
  • 4.5in. Muffler body, which gives your bike a deep, bass heavy tone that never sounds muffled or flat.
  • Finished off with our popular Tradition end caps, this muffler has a look that is as big as its sound, and perfectly complements the style of the M8 Bagger.

Rinehart Racing® Mufflers for Harley-Davidson®

PART No: RIN-500-0111

PART No: RIN-500-0110C

PART No: RIN-500-0103

PART No: RIN-500-1200-SLOT

PART No: RIN-500-1220

PART No: RIN-500-1230C

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Rinehart Racing® Mufflers for Indian Motorcycles®

PART No: RIN-500-0502C

PART No: RIN-500-0500C

PART No: RIN-500-0505

Note: More options are available from Rollie’s Speed Shop.  Click on the button to view all options with Aussie prices.

Rinehart Racing® Muffler End Caps

4.5" Muffler End Caps

End Caps to fit 4.5″ Rinehart Racing® Mufflers

PART No: RIN-900-0157

PART No: RIN-900-0156

4" Muffler End Caps

End Caps to fit 4″ Rinehart Racing® Mufflers

PART No: RIN-100-0204

PART No: RIN-100-0205

3" Muffler End Caps

End Caps to fit 3″ Rinehart Racing® Mufflers

PART No: RIN-900-0257

PART No: RIN-900-0256

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