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North Carolina based exhaust manufacturer, Rinehart Racing, have been making waves in the Harley-Davidson aftermarket scene lately. The specialist exhaust manufacturer has built a reputation for creating premium, high quality exhaust systems and mufflers that tick all the boxes; impeccable build quality, great looks, power gains, deep, rumbling sound, and great value for money.

Rinehart’s latest release is an update of their 2-into-2 full system for 2018+ Softails. This classic straight drag pipe utilizes Rinehart Racing’s proven stepped header and anti-reversion louver technology, laying down impressive grin-inducing power gains. 

A large diameter muffler gives the 2-into-2 a deep rumble that riders love. It’s not an overly-aggressive bark, but a lower thump that sparks a primal response, and leaves stock systems sounding rather sad by comparison.

In true Rinehart style, the system is finished with full coverage heat shields, and billet aluminum end caps with laser etched logo design. the result is a sleek, clean, and high end look. 

The new “staggered” design sees the ending of the two pipes offset slightly. While it’s just a small change from the Twin-Cam release, it makes a huge difference to the overall look, giving the system a more natural looking stance, and sportier, less formal appearance.

The Rinehart Racing Staggered 2-into-2 for M8 Softails is available in black or chrome with black or chrome end caps, and is proudly distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Rollies Speed Shop.


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