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Saddlemen is an American company specializing in motorcycle seats and luggage.  Established in 1987, Saddlemen’s goal has been to improve comfort, control, and the overall riding experience for millions of motorcyclists around the world. 

Saddlemen revolutionized riding as the first company to develop Gel seating for the motorcycle industry and now add their patenented SaddleGel™ to every seat. SaddleGel™ reduces vibration by up to 50% and diverts impact forces by up to 92% allowing you to ride in comfort up to 400% longer. No matter what your style is; touring, cruising, fast and furious, or commuting, Saddlemen has a seat for every rider. 

Integrated Design Philosophy (IDP™)

Saddlemen seats have long been noted for their comfort and quality, but fantastic style and good looks are part of the package too. All new Saddlemen designs are a result of their Integrated Design Philosophy (IDP™), which takes styling cues from each motorcycle and incorporates them into the contours and patterns of each new seat. What you get is a seat that looks and fits perfectly on your bike – no generic, “one size fits all” styling.

Saddlemen offer a great range of 2up seats and solo seats for a variety of riding styles and aesthetic tastes. Assorted finishes, stiching styles and stitching colours are available.


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