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Purpose Built Design

From the early days of the the Wheelie King to present day Saddlemen has been there to support talented riders with purpose built equipment to help them push the limits of both man and machine. Born from this pursuit to innovate, the Saddlemen Step-Up Seat is the culmination of technological advancement and rider-driven style. 

The Step-Up Dual Seat is a beautiful blend of the rider and passenger comfort you have come to expect from Saddlemen combined with ergonomics required to keep the rider locked in place, providing the highest level of bike control available in an aftermarket Harley-Davidson seat.

GEL-CORE TECHNOLOGY - Change Your Ride Today

The Step-Up range of seats use Saddlemen’s Gel-Core Technology to provide superior comfort that minimises vibration and allows for a noticeably longer ride time. Gel-Core is engineered to dampen, divert, and deflect energy through a mechanical process resulting in a smooth, therapeutic ride.

Instead of relying on foam cushions that may impose improper contours, a riding saddle with Gel-Core Technology provides a topographically neutral suspension that will conform to the shape of the person who sits in it.

Using pressure-mapping technology, we experimented with different tensions across the backrests and seats, fine-tuning our designs to produce the desirable distribution patterns: peak pressure zones under the ischia, with wide distribution of lower values along the thighs and across the back, avoiding the spine and the area behind the knees.

Extra foam padding does not necessarily solve the problem, because a too-soft seat can put pressure on the gluteus maximus muscles at the sides of the buttocks as well as on the heads of the femur bones and the sciatic nerves, resulting in the kind of discomfort experienced when sitting in a sling-type playground swing or a director’s chair.

Gel-Core Technology is a scientific approach to minimize circulation-restricting pressure with just the right combination of material layers, by curving the UltraFoam structure away from pressure-sensitive areas of the body and cushioning it with ComfortFoam while dampening shock and vibration with SaddleGEL. Co-Molding the materials with this technique is what makes Saddlemen’s Step-Up seat far superior to the homogenous polyurethane foam seat that came stock on your motorcycle.

Your Seat - Your Style

Define your ride with industry leading fit and attention to detail. The Step-Up range is available in a huge range of configurations enabling you to find a seat that suits your style. Choose from Lattice Stitch, Tuck & Roll or Gripper styles, with different colour materials and stitching options available for selected bike models. 


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