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Forceflow Head Cooler – Black. Fits Touring 2017up.


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Product Details

It?s common knowledge that heat is one of an engine?s worst enemies. In developing the JIMS cylinder head cooler, JIMS had to sacrifice a few motors for the cause. We tested worst case scenarios by letting engines idle in the sun for over a half hour each while recording cylinder head temperatures minute by minute.

This smooth, streamline design will keep your V-Twin running cooler on those hot summer days in stop and go traffic. The JIMS? R&D department has come up with a serious way to drop your head temperature by as much as 100 degrees. Although this mounts in the horn location, JIMS has relocated a horn inside the fan housing. The cooling fan can be controlled manually or it can be regulated by a thermostat that monitors head temperature and activates the fan when engine temperature rises. This kit is highly recommended for performance motors to help extend engine life. Complete kit includes high powered fan, housing, thermostat, horn, hardware and all wiring, along with detailed instructions.

MFR PART No: 5468

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