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Twin Scan 4 ABS Scan Tool. Fits Softail 2011-2020, Dyna 2012-2017, Touring 2014-2020 & Sportster 2014-2021.

MFR PART No: 15500


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Softail 2011-2020 inc. M8 2018-2020 but NOT 2021up

Dyna 2012-2017

Touring 2014-2020 inc. M8 2017-2020 but NOT 2021up

Sportster 2014-2021

Twin Scan 4 ABS Low Cost Scan Tool for 2011up Harley-Davidson® with CAN Data Bus.

Includes ABS diagnostics and brake bleeding capability.

Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes from engine control module

(ECM),BCM,Speedometer,Tach,and ABS.

Real time display of engine data.

Built-in data l ogging.Stores up to 1 hour of data.Automatically triggers when a trouble code is set.

* Compact size: 3.1in.L x 1.6in.W x 0.8in.H


-All new features of the Twin Scan 4:

-KEYFOBS and SECURITY: Program and read key fobs, program PIN and disable security.

-ACTIVATE MODULES, LIGHTS and INDICATORS: Test different actuators, lights and indicators. Fuel pump drain and electronic throttle sweep.

-SPEEDOMETER*: Calibrate speedometer, remove new speedometer display of VinErr.

-ENGINE CONTROL SETTINGS*: Enable or disable settings in the ECM such as ACR (automatic compression release for performance engine compression testing), EITMS, cruise control, and active exhaust, read and set* engine idle speed rpm.

-BODY CONTROL SETTINGS*: Enable or disable settings in the BCM for ingnition switch, new radio installation, bank angle sensor for trike instals, Program fog light function, ABS installaion,and enable service state.

-UPDATES FOR LIFE: Latest software will include latest firmware for easy remote updating of the TWIN SCAN 4.

MFR PART No: 15500


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