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The Connection of Skulls & Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

It feels like skulls have been linked to Harley Davidson Motorcycles forever, but have they?

It seems unclear when the first connection was made but most agree it was after the war when veterans came back to America and started fixing up cheap ex-service Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  Some military unit had skulls on their patches and that style was continued in their motorcycle patches.

Skulls also fit well with the “Live to Ride, Ride to Live” motto.

The most direct link didn’t happen until 2000 when Willie G. Davidson (Grandson of co-founder William Davidson) designed a Skull Logo for the 2000 Daytona Bike Week.

This is still one of the most popular official Harley-Davidson designs 20+ years later.

Skulls, Skeletons, Zombies & Demons... Body Parts for Sale

If you want to add some dark style flare to your ride then you have a lot of great options to choose from at Rollie’s Speed Shop.

We have such a wide varity that I’m only going to post a few sample items in this article.  You can click on any of the pics to see more of the range and check pricing.  If you have any questions you can call us on 07-3252-5381 during office hours.

Zombie Taillight Cover – Chrome. Fits most H-D 1973up with OEM Taillight on Fender Top.

Hi-Five Mach 2 Zombie Air Cleaner Kit – Chrome. Fits Twin Cam 2008-2017 with Throttle-by-Wire.

Zombie Mirrors – Chrome.

Zombie Levers – Black & Chrome or All Chrome

Mini Reaper Skeleton Hand Mirrors – Chrome with Chrome Stem.

Flaming Skull 4″ Round Mirrors – Black with Chrome.

Finned, Skull Design Handlebar Top Clamp – Chrome. Fits H-D 1974up.

Screw-In Fuel Caps – Chrome & Black Skull. Fits H-D 1982-1995.

Skeleton Hand Mirrors, Stems – Chrome & Mirror Heads – Black.

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Heavy Metal, Skulls & V-Twin Riders

Heavy Metal, Thrash, Hard Rock & Punk have all celebrated skulls, skeletons & zombies.  Music with an edge made to connect with the emotions of the fan listening, not made as singles for mass consumption.  Music for the sake of music fits perfectly for the non conformist lifestyle of most V-Twin riders… People that live life for now and generally don’t give a F#%K what the “Majority” of others do or think.

I think almost everyone the rides a motorcycle understands mortality and rather than cower from it see it as a reason to enjoy life and do things that make them happy.  A life of thrills, excitement & experiences is way better than living in fear and denial.  I think this is why skulls and symbols of death/mortality are admired by riders.

The people that think you’re crazy for putting skulls on your bike are not the people you want to hangout and enjoy life with.

While the video below doesn’y have any skulls in it, it is a favorite of mine because it’s a reminder to ignore the political bullshit, do what you feel is right, you don’t have to fall in line and blindly accept being told what to do.

Live Your Best Life & Enjoy The Ride! 

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