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Electric Shifting? Seriously?

We get it. Part of the joy of riding is the fact that you still get to shift gears, drop theclutch and control the power of the v-twin engine with your very own hands. But hear us out – Electric Shifters have plenty upsides, and you don’t lose the ability to change gears with the clutch and foot shifter at any time.

Pingel Electric Shifters are superbly crafted to the highest build standards and consist of a dual button handlebar control, a shift cylinder, support bracket and a control module. Simply click up to shift up, and down to shift down.

So what are the benefits of an Electric Shifter?

Faster gear changes without backing off the throttle.

Even if you’re a total gun rider, your gear change isn’t as quick as a Pingel shifter. Lightning fast changes can be made literally with the push of a button, with the throttle wide open. That’s right, you don’t have to back off the revs when changing gears. Drag racers have used electric shifters for decades to ensure the quickest and smoothest shifts, and now you’ll be able to leave your mates for dead with super fast gear changes at any rpm. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Super Commuting

Electric Shifters aren’t just for the speed demons – if you ride for an every day commute you’ll know the pain of constant shifting in stop start traffic. With a Pingel Shifter, you’ll still need to use the clutch in first gear, but for the rest of the ride you won’t need to pull the clutch or foot shift at all. Mmmm, so comfy.

No More Pain

Pingel Electric Shifters are perfect for any riders suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel or any injuries that make shifting painful. If constant clutch pulling is giving you pain, don’t give up riding, just give up shifting. The Electric Shifter will make shifting a breeze, and if your condition only gives you grief occasionally, you can still use the clutch and foot shifter when you want.

So there you have it, whether you’re chasing speed or comfort, or maybe a bit of both, Pingel Electric Shifters are going to change your riding experience for the better. Kits are available now for most H-D models.

Rollies Speed Shop is now the official Australian distributor of Pingel Electric Shifters for V-Twin motorcycles. For wholesale purchases, product information, or to find a reseller near you please contact Rollies on 07 3252 5381.


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