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S&S Cycle Legacy 1958
S&S Cycle Legacy


Key PointDetails
Company OriginsFounded in 1958 by George Smith and Stanley Stankos in Blue Island, Illinois.
Engineering ExpertiseKnown for high-precision, in-house CNC machining and rigorous quality control.
Product RangeOffers high-performance engines, camshafts, and exhaust systems for various motorcycle models.
Racing HeritageProven track record in racing, using victories to showcase the power of their performance parts.
Customer SatisfactionRiders report significant improvements in power, speed, and overall performance with S&S products.
Innovation and R&DContinuously investing in new technologies like EFI systems, electric powertrain components, and active exhaust technologies.
Legacy and TrustOver 60 years of trust from riders worldwide, with a commitment to American manufacturing and performance excellence.
Future OutlookS&S Cycle remains dedicated to innovation and is actively shaping the future of motorcycling.

S&S Cycle: A Legacy of Performance and Innovation

For over 60 years, S&S Cycle has pushed the boundaries of motorcycle performance and cemented their status as an icon in the industry. With a legacy born from passion and fueled by innovation, S&S Cycle has engineered some of the most groundbreaking products to empower riders worldwide.

This company traces its roots back to 1958 when founders George Smith and Stanley Stankos leveraged their engineering expertise to advance motorcycle technology. Driven by a spirit of American craftsmanship and a commitment to quality, S&S Cycle has thrived for generations while remaining loyal to its performance roots.

S&S Cycle Begins

From complete crate engines to carburetors and exhaust systems, S&S Cycle offers a vast array of premium parts to customize your bike. As their impressive history has shown, no challenge is too great for the S&S Cycle team when it comes to developing products that deliver unparalleled power and performance.

A Legacy Born in Passion Long before S&S Cycle bearing its iconic name, founders George Smith and Stanley Stankos were driven by a shared passion for motorcycles and racing.

In the late 1950s, Smith and Stankos began frequenting drag strips and collaborating to boost the performance of their bikes. Using their engineering expertise, they developed custom parts with a key focus on horsepower enhancements.

As their innovations started garnering attention, Smith and Stankos founded S&S Cycle in Blue Island, Illinois in 1958. The name paid homage to the initials of Smith and Stankos.

S&S Cycle Founders
S&S Cycle Drag Racing

In the company’s early days, Smith and Stankos operated out of a small garage workshop. While minimalistic in size, their vision was limitless. The founders were wholly devoted to pushing boundaries and achieving the next big breakthrough in motorcycle performance.

S&S Cycle’s involvement in racing also accelerated in these formative years. The company made its mark at the drag strips, using racing success to prove the power of their performance parts. Their victories revealed what S&S products could achieve in the hands of daring riders.

Driven by passion and hunger for innovation, Smith and Stankos transformed S&S Cycle into one of the most respected names in the industry. Their contributions played a significant role in advancing motorcycle technology through the 1960s and beyond.

Engineering Excellence: The Heart of S&S Cycle

Behind every groundbreaking product that bears the S&S Cycle name is an unwavering commitment to engineering excellence and quality craftsmanship.

S&S Cycle operates its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Viola, Wisconsin. Here, they combine forward-thinking design with meticulous machining and assembly processes. S&S relies on high-precision, in-house CNC machining to produce components to exacting tolerances.

Throughout manufacturing, S&S Cycle’s expert teams ensure strict quality control. Each product undergoes multiple inspections and tests to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

This dedication to engineering excellence has enabled S&S Cycle to introduce a vast range of high-performance parts over the decades:

High-Performance Engines

S&S Crate Engines are renowned for their exceptional power. Ranging from 93 to 143 cubic inches, these complete powerplants are hand-assembled to the highest standards.


S&S offers a diverse range of cam profiles to achieve specific horsepower and torque gains. Their camshafts are CNC-machined from premium billet steel.

Exhaust Systems

S&S Exhausts provide increased airflow for boosted engine efficiency. Available for various Harley-Davidson and American V-twin models, they enable easy bolt-on installation.

Thanks to S&S Cycle’s world-class engineering capabilities, riders can experience the very best in motorcycle performance enhancement.

S&S Cycle: Powering the Dreams of Riders Worldwide

For over six decades, S&S Cycle performance parts have powered the dreams of motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe. Their products unlock incredible potential in bikes of all models and sizes.

Here’s what satisfied S&S Cycle customers have to say:

“I installed the S&S Cycle 55mm Performance manifold on my Harley-Davidson Street Glide and I’m very happy with the results. The bike definitely has more power and torque, especially in the mid-range. I also noticed that the bike runs smoother and cooler now. I highly recommend this manifold to anyone looking for a performance upgrade for their Harley.” – R. Jones

“I installed an S&S Cycle T124 cam in my Harley-Davidson and it’s like a whole new bike! The power increase is incredible, and the bike runs so much smoother. I highly recommend this cam to anyone looking for more power from their Harley.” – M. Johnson

“I was having some problems with my Harley’s carburetor and I decided to replace it with an S&S Cycle Super E carb. I’m so glad I did! The bike runs much better now and I’m getting better gas mileage. I highly recommend S&S Cycle carbs to anyone who’s having trouble with their stock carburetor.” – D. Smith

“The S&S Cycle Teardrop air cleaner has added a nice touch of style to my Harley, but more importantly, it’s improved the bike’s performance. I can definitely feel a difference in the throttle response and the overall power delivery.” – M. Williams

“I’ve been using S&S Cycle products for years and I’ve always been impressed with their quality and performance. I highly recommend S&S Cycle to anyone looking for the best performance parts for their Harley-Davidson.” – P. Jones

It’s clear that S&S performance parts enable riders to push limits and achieve the unforgettable. Whether competing at the drag strip, tackling cross-country tours, or chasing land speed records, S&S has you covered.

Embracing the Future: Innovation Continues

As S&S Cycle looks ahead, they maintain their spirit of innovation and passion for engineering. The company invests heavily in research and development to create the next generation of performance enhancement technology.

In their state-of-the-art tech facility, S&S specialists focus on pioneering new products:

Advanced EFI and engine management systems Electric powertrain components Active exhaust technologies Additionally, S&S Cycle collaborates with top engineers and racers to test prototypes and collect performance data. These partnerships allow S&S to push boundaries and ensure their parts achieve the very highest levels of speed, power, and efficiency.

Thanks to their drive for innovation, S&S continues developing elite performance solutions and shaping the future of motorcycling.

The Legacy Lives On For over 60 years, S&S Cycle has cemented their status as an icon in the world of motorcycles. Their story is one of passion, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of engineering excellence.

From humble garage beginnings, S&S Cycle now powers the dreams of riders across the globe. The company’s roots run deep in American manufacturing, where their team still produces elite motorcycle parts today.

Generations of enthusiasts have trusted S&S Cycle products to push performance boundaries and create unforgettable riding experiences. This legacy will continue with their spirit of innovation powering the future of motorcycling.

When you choose S&S Cycle, you access decades of expertise dedicated to achieving the extraordinary.

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S&S Cycle & Rollies Speed Shop
S&S Cycle Est. 1958 & Rollies Speed Shop Est. 1979 (Photo Oct 2023)

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