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Get a Big Bore Kit for your Milwaukee-Eight

YES! That title is correct… You can modify your Milwaukee-Eight with a top quality Big Bore Kit engineered by S&S Cycles.  

S&S Cycle are industry leaders in proven performance gains for V-twin engines.  These Big Bore Kits are engineered to unlock & deliver serious Power from an M8.  These are made in the U.S.A. and imported into Australia by Rollies Speed Shop.

Click on the Part Images below to see more info and current pricing.

S&S Cycle Big Bore Kits will upgrade your Milwaukee-Eight 114ci to 128ci or your 107ci to 124ci

This is a bolt-on kit with no crankcase machining required.

Gaskets, Hardware and Forged Pistons are included.

Available in all black fins or with highlighted edge black fins.

Click on any of the images below to see more details and Aussie pricing for these Big Bore Kits.

128ci Big Bore Kit with Highlighted Fins – Black. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up 114ci Engine.

PART No: SS910-0684

128ci Big Bore Kit with Highlighted Fins – Black Granite. Fits CVO Milwaukee-Eight 2017up with 117 Engine.

PART No: SS910-0733

128ci Big Bore Kit – Black. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up with 114ci Engine.

PART No: SS910-0685

124ci Big Bore Kit with Highlighted Fins – Black. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up with 107ci Engine.

PART No: SS910-0625

124ci Big Bore Kit – Black. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up with 107ci Engine.

PART No: SS910-0681

Excellent Value for Money

All of the Big Bore Kits in this section are for Milwaukee-Eight 2017Up.  If you want to take it to the next level you can upgrade your Camshaft or do a full Cam Chest Kit by S&S Cycle.

We also have other S&S Kits to suit older engines.

To view all of your Big Bore options from S&S Cycle click the button below…from

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ATTN: Don't Gamble When Buying Performance Parts

When you’re ready to add more power to your Milwaukee-Eight, a great place to start is by increasing your displacement.

There are products out there that could set you back $6K+ but you can get top quality USA products from one of the worlds most trusted performance parts manufacturers for much less.

S&S Cycle have been around since 1958.  They established themselves as a leader in performance parts for V-Twin Motorcycles 60+ years ago and have retained that position through constant research, development and testing.

I’m not saying all of this to impress you but I think it’s important to know who stands behind the products you buy and use.

These S&S big bore cylinders are precision honed & use USA Made CP-Carrillo Pistons. There is no need to bore stock cylinders & make the cylinder spigot paper thin.

By using their own proprietary cylinders, S&S can increase the bore size whilst maintaining cylinder strength & integrity.

You can’t shortcut performance.

Don’t pay large dollars for an item that is altered from its original engineered specs.  It may have new weak spots and it’s unknown what warranty is attached, the original manufacturer wont covered an altered product.

I could understand someone with old beat up bike gambling on it if the part was way cheaper than average, but why pay more and take on that extra risk on a Milwaukee-Eight?

Paying too much is avoidable. Gambling on performance parts is not worth it. Risking your Engine is CRAZY!

Why would you do any of that when you can access Top Quality Performance Parts from a Leading Manufacturer with better pricing?

You Deserve the Best Quality & Industry Leading Support

Rollie’s Speed Shop was established in 1979 and has built its reputation on selling the best quality performance parts and accessories.

As a Distributor supplying Australia and NZ, we represent the cream of the crop when it comes to USA Brands producing quality parts for USA Bikes

If you find a product on our site then you know it’s top quality and priced fairly for Aussie & Kiwi Riders..

For 40 years Rollies Speed Shop has had a high-end performance workshop with all the latest tuning & diagnostic tools.

We have been hotting up Milwaukee-Eight engines since they were released.

We have test fitted more cam & cylinder combinations than you could imagine.

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