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Instantly Add More Power & Torque To Your Ride!

An S&S Power Pack can Boost your M8’s Horsepower by 52.9% and your Torque by 27.5% which makes you quicker off the lights and smoother up those hills.

The standard engine on your bike is enough for the average person but I’m guessing you’re better than average and you probably hang out with mates that are running upgrades to get more power.

You don’t want to be the guy struggling to keep up when you head out as a pack.  Nobody wants to be that guy stuck at the back breathing in their mates exhaust fumes (or worse).  You don’t want to be stuck behind a car or truck just because you don’t have the power to overtake them quickly.

The solution is simple…

But do you really need more Power?

I say YES!!!

However, a better question is.. “Do you want more Horsepower or more Torque? What is your riding style?”

You don’t always have to use all your power but you never want to get caught short and feel powerless.  You already know there are times when you need that extra speed or that faster take-off.  That extra power can keep you safe and help get you out of trouble.

S&S have spent a lifetime designing, developing and testing high-performance parts for upgrading Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.  They know how to add real Power to your bike with their 124” & 128” Big Bore Kits.  These Power Packages can transform your M8 without breaking the bank.

Here are some recent results from our workshop…

Dyno Test Results for S&S 128″ Big Bore Kit & 475C Cam Chest Kit installed in an M8 Bagger (2019 114ci FLTRXS)

Power (HP):  76.7 -> 117.3 (40.6 HP increase / 52.9% increase)

Torque:  107.9 -> 137.6 (29.7 ft-lbs TQ increase / 27.5% increase)

Note: The Before and After numbers can vary across different testing machines.  What’s most important is the % increase… that’s the real change that you’ll notice when you ride it.  Don’t be misled into comparing higher or lower figures from different dyna testing machines.  the before and after percentage increase is all that matters. 

Imagine having that increase in horsepower & torque at your fingertips.  That feeling of launching off at the lights and overtaking others at will.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

S&S are the leaders in V-Twin High performance products.  Established in 1958 they have proven their expertise by breaking speed records and winning races.  Rollie’s Speed Shop was established in 1979 and we have using S&S Performance Parts for 40+ years because they are super reliable and the highest quality manufacturing available.

If you have any questions about which setup is best for your bike to match your riding style give us a call on +61 7 3252 5381


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