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Star Racing Cams have earned great praise in the industry with their long history of Winning performances in Motorcycle Drag Racing. 

George Bryce has been racing and tuning motorcycles since 1980 and he’s poured all that knowledge into a couple of awesome camshafts for the Milwaukee-Eight Engine.  If you follow his Tech Talk videos on YouTube or follow him on Instagram then you already know he’s a straight shooter with no fluff.

These Cams are producing high numbers on stock and modified M8 engines.   Add in a performance exhaust and air cleaner, you better be hanging on tight when you launch from the lights.

These Star Cams are now available in Australia & NZ via Rollies Speed Shop.

Star Racing 30/30 Cam for Stock M8 Engines

The grind on this Star Racing Cam releases Big Power gains from a stock Milwaukee-Eight Engine.  This is a short duration cam with a really low overlap.  It traps a lot of air early in the range which works perfectly for the M8 with it’s 2 intake & 2 exhaust valves per cylinder, it breathes really well.  This 0.485 Cam runs great between 2000-5000 RPM with stock springs.

Although we say “Stock M8” you can still upgrade the manifold, air cleaner & exhaust to truly unlock that potential power.

485 Chain Drive Camshaft Kit, Star Racing 30/30 Cam
Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

Features & Benefits:-
* Biggest bolt in cam for M8
* 1,700 – 5,500 RPM range
* .485 lift, instake closes at 25 ABDC
* Works with stock valve springs
* Great sound
* Unique combination of torque (intake lobe) and mid range (exhaust lobe)
* For use in 107ci, 114ci and 117ci M8 engines

Star Racing 3/4 Race Cam for Modified M8 Engines

This cam is designed for M8’s running a 124″, 128″ or 131″ Big Bore Kit. The 0.585 lift traps the air longer in the intake stroke and only has a 20° overlap to create great Horsepower.  you must upgrade to quality valve springs for this camshaft, the stock valve springs are not designed for this camshaft & a big bore kit.

585 Chain Drive Camshaft Kit, Star Racing 3/4 Race Cam
Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

Features & Benefits:-
* Best seller – most lift for reliable performance
* 2,300 – 6,500 rpm range
* .585 lift, intake closes at 42 ABDC
* Great for 124 – 133 kits
* Really pulls hard from 2,500 rpm up
* Unique combination of low to mid range (intake lobe) and top end (exhaust lobe)

Star Racing F35A Cam (572 Chain Drive Camshaft Kit) for M8 Engines

The F35A Cam is designed to improve the performance of the Milwaukee-Eight engines by optimizing valve timing and lift (more lift than the 30/30). This results in increased horsepower and torque, particularly in the mid-range RPM, leading to a more exhilarating riding experience.  Get that torque when you need it, it’s ready to kick in hard while you’re already cruising, perfect for overtaking other vehicles or for quickly getting yourself away from others.

Features & Benefits:-
* New design with high lift and short duration
* Performs like the famous 30/30 but has .087 more lift.
* 2300 to 6500 RPM Range
* .572 Lift, Intake Closes at 35 ABDC
* Must use high perf springs part number AV-VSK8000TG
* Biggest, most powerful camshaft designed for a stock engine
* Really pulls hard from 2500 RPM up
* Traps more air than any camshafts that fits a stock engine

Star Racing F35A Cam


About Star Racing

George & Jackie Bryce founded Star Racing in 1980.  It was originally formed to help support the Motorcycle Drag Racing Community. 

George Bryce has always been a “Hands-On” guy involved in all areas of the business.  Being the Owner, Rider and Tuner for his Star Racing motorcycles gave him direct insight on what worked and what improvements could be made to get the most out of his engines.

With 40+ years of drag racing experience, research & development; George Bryce & Star Racing have been a dynamic force behind the NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle Series.

Star Racing & George Bryce Professional Highlights:

  • 6 NHRA Pro Stock motorcycle championships (1990, 1992, 1995, 2000, 2001, and 2002)
  • For 13 consecutive seasons, from 1990 to 2002, Bryce’s teams won the No. 1 or 2 plates in NHRA championship point standings
  • Former team owner for Angelle Sampey, the winningest female racer in NHRA history with 41 national event wins (second only to Dave Schultz’s 45)
  • Quickest pass in Pro Stock motorcycle history at 2006 Sonoma national event with No. 1 qualifier of 6.91 e.t.
  • 81 NHRA national event wins with 10 different riders (George Bryce, John Myers, Angelle Sampey, Fred Collis, Reggie Showers, Matt Smith, Chip Ellis, Peggy Llewellyn, Chris Rivas and Michael Ray)
  • 89 No. 1 qualifying positions
  • 159 final rounds with 13 riders (George Bryce, John Myers, Angelle Sampey, Jim Bernard, Steve Johnson, Fred Collis, Reggie Showers, Chip Ellis, Matt Smith, Peggy Llewellyn, Chris Rivas, Scotty Pollacheck, Michael Ray and Cory Reed)

Follow George Bryce on Instagram… @georgebrycestar

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