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SuperTrapp Tunable Mufflers With Patented Diffuser Discs

The diffuser discs on SuperTrapp’s mufflers are a signature look making them easy to spot at a quick glance.  The layers of discs at the end of the exhaust system are not just a decorative feature to stand out.  These discs allow you to fine tune your bike.

You can adjust the performance, shift the powerband and alter the sound level by adding or removing diffuser discs.

How Do Diffuser Discs Work?

SuperTrapp’s exhaust outlet is created using a stack of individual discs.  Each disc is tapered with .023″ thickness on the inside edge and .028″ thickness on the outside edge.  The combination of their tapered design and the precise gap between discs creates a scavenging effect for the hot gas still inside the muffler.

Adding Diffuser Discs increases the size of the exhaust outlet which increases exhaust flow and exhaust tone while reducing the backpressure. More diffuser discs will move the powerband up providing more top-end power.  this will also lean out the carbureted fuel mixture.

Removing Diffuser Discs decreases the exhaust outlet size, flow & tone while increasing the backpressure.  having fewer discs tends to increase the low-end torque and gives you a rich carbureted fuel mixture.

For more info on Diffuser Discs and tuning your bike with a SuperTrapp Exhaust/Muffler check out the SuperTrapp’s FAQ Page

SuperTrapp FatShot Slip-On Mufflers

The SuperTrapp FatShot Slip-On Muffler is quick and easy to install on your Touring Motorcycle.  You’ll get a performance boost and a richer deep sound over stock mufflers.

Features & Benefits:-

* Famous Proven Tuneable Disc Based Performance.
* Add or Subtract Discs to Optimize Power & Sound.
* Supplied with Discs, Closed End Cap & Trim Ring.
* Deep Low Tone, Radio Friendly & all Day Rider Quiet.

SuperTrapp FatShot 2-into-1 Exhausts

SuperTrapp also has Full Exhaust Systems for Softails, Dynas and Touring model Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.  These also contain their diffuser disc fine-tuning system.

Features & Benefits:-

* Famous Proven Tuneable Disc Based Performance.
* Add or Subtract Discs to Optimize Power & Sound.
* 1.75″ Primaries Flow into 2.5″ True Collector for Huge Torque Gains.
* Full Coverage Heat Shields.
* 3.5″ Muffler Body Flares Out To 4″
* Supplied with Discs, Closed End Cap & Trim Ring.

FatShot 2-into-1 Exhaust – Chrome. Fits Dyna 2006-2017

PART No: ST-828-74690

FatShot 2-into-1 Exhaust – Black. Fits Softail 2018up

PART No: ST-827-74684

FatShot 2-into-1 Exhaust – Chrome. Fits Touring 2017up

PART No: ST-828-74802

SuperTrapp SuperMeg 2-into-1 Exhausts

The SuperMeg is a 2-into-1 exhaust with a deep throaty growl.  Black and Chrome versions are available for most models.

Features & Benefits:-

* Famous Proven Tunable Disc Based Performance.
* Adjust the Power Band & Sound Levels by Adding or Removing The 4″ Discs.
* Increase Horsepower with a Glorious Throaty Exhaust Note.
* Straight-Through Core Design Provides a Crisp Throttle Response.
* Integrated Three-Piece Heat Shield that provides Full Coverage.
* Includes Twenty 4″ Discs, Mounting Bracket & Hardware.

SuperMeg 2-into-1 Exhaust – Chrome. Dyna 2006-2017

PART No: ST-828-71574

SuperMeg 2-into-1 Exhaust – Chrome. Softail 1986-2017

PART No: ST-828-71572

SuperMeg 2-into-1 Exhaust – Black. Touring 2010-2016

PART No: ST-827-71580

SuperTrapp 4" End Caps

SuperTrapp Exhausts come with a closed end cap that forces all of the exhaust gases to exit through the gaps of the diffuser discs. 

The closed end cap helps reduce noise and also prevents sparks/flames from firing out the end which could spark off a wildfire.  That’s a nice bonus for Australian Riders when our weather gets dry & hot.

You can purchase an Open End Cap from Rollies Speed Shop.  These will give you a higher air flow and additional power gains. 

SuperTrapp recommend the Closed End Cap for Street builds and the Open End Cap for Race Style Setups.

Rollies Speed Shop Distribution distributes SuperTrapp products in Australia and New Zealand. Locate your nearest dealer, view the Exhaust range online, or call (07) 3252 5381 for more information on this or any product. 

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