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Strut Lights by Alloy Art

Strut Lights by Alloy Art

We’ve all been there, you’re washing the bike before going on a cruise and you notice that your lights have started to crack and fade, or the paint is coming straight off in big chunks. Unfortunately, over time that is going to happen, the plastic doesn’t last very long and will begin to dry out […]

Milwaukee-Eight Touring Stabilizer by Alloy Art

Milwaukee-Eight Touring Stabilizer by Alloy Art Stabilize Your Milwaukee-Eight The Milwaukee-Eight is a great engine but it does have some annoying wobble issues.  The awesome team at Alloy Art have come up with a simple and very stylish solution that’s easy to install on your M* 2017up Touring Bike. Once installed you’ll immediately feel a noticeable difference.  The frame wobble […]


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