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As you know, the stock throttle turn on you Harley Davidson is WAY-Y-Y too far. If you’re cruising along and want to unleash some overtaking power, you have two choices: Let go of the throttle, re-grip and turn for full throttle OR turn until your wrist can’t bend any farther, then you “roll” the throttle from your palm into your fingers.

Fortunately we can check this all too common problem off as solved. The innovative G2 Quarter Turn Throttle System from G2 Ergonomics, with it’s patent pending inner throttle cam design, decreases throttle rotation, which makes it easy to reach full throttle with a solid grip and without re-gripping.

Quarter turn throttle tubes can be used with most stock and aftermarket handgrips, or can be purchased pre-glued to a selection of G2 grips that feature Comfortexx textured rubber for ultimate comfort, grip, vibration absorption, and durability. Installation is easy and in most applications takes less than 30 minutes.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what some happy customers have to say about the G2 Quarter Turn throttle system.

More than just a 1/4 turn throttle that makes the power more accessible, the throttle action is actually more progressive at small openings which minimizes the “on-off” symptoms of fuel injection at low speed.

*I am not a mechanic* Best product I have bought for my bike! Cheap, looks good, took me maybe 30 min to install, i dont have to break my wrist accelerating and its a quicker response. Cant believe bikes dont come like this as a standard.

Love the grips! Great feel, cool design.

Great product! Fit and finish is top notch and it makes the Harley feel much more responsive.

This was a breeze to instal. I did the instal when installing new bars so I had everything off already. The quick turn throttle is awesome to ride with! No more sore wrist or re adjusting your grip. Zero to hero in no time now!

Works great for long rides. Never have to roll the throttle very far to find passing power. I really glad that I installed G2.

The G2 Ergonomics range is available now from Rollies Speed Shop dealers. For product information or wholesale orders call us on 07 3252 5381


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