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CP-Carrillo Pistons at Bonneville

1948 Vincent Twin Engine 1000cc Record Holder at Bonneville Salt Flats – 193.621 MPH (311 KM/H)

CP-Carrillo High Performance Pistons

CP-Carrillo has always been involved with hardcore racing engines.  This is where they started and they like to WIN.

Designing pistons at the highest level takes a mixture of research, design and talented craftsman.  Analysis of their products has produced continual improvements to get them to the top step on the racing podium.

Knowing that these pistons can withstand the pressures of high level racing gives you the peace of mind that these will not let you down on your road trips.

CP-Carrillo Pistons 01

CP-Carrillo Connecting Rods

Carrillo Connecting Rods was founded in 1963 by Fred Carrillo.

Over the decades, they have made improvement upon improvement to remain at the leading edge in high performance racing.  They may look like a simple design but they need to be light and strong to maintain their integrity at extremely high rev ranges on race tracks.

Each Aluminum connecting rod is manufactured from a forging, enabling proper grain flow and removal of any surface inclusions or conversions that usually accompanies the forging process. Each lot of forgings is independently inspected and certified. By insuring proper grain flow, the strength and durability of each CP-Carrillo Aluminum rod becomes more consistent and reliable from the first point of manufacturing all the way to the extreme uses in the racing world.

CP-Carrillo Connecting Rods 02
CP-Carrillo Connecting Rods 01

About CP-Pistons & Carrillo Industries

Carrillo Industries was founded by Fred Carrillo in 1963 to produce Carrillo Connecting Rods.

His never ending quest for speed allowed for no compromise on materials, design or machining.  A burning desire to be the best drove him to continually refine and fine tune his pistons for incremental improvements.

The quality of his connecting rods was proven on the race track & were quickly adopted into the racing community.

In 1998 CP Pistons was founded by the Calvert Brothers.  They moved their manufacturing facility to Irvine, CA in 1999.

10 years later in 2008, CP Pistons acquires Carrillo Industries Inc.  then in 2010 CP and Carrillo legally become one entity with 2 brands: CP-CARRILLO.

Piston Heads and Connecting Rods work hand in hand, so this combination of manufacturing processes has continued their cutting edge developments.

If you’re running a high end V-Twin Engine then we highly recommend CP-Carrillo Pistons and Connecting Rods.

CP-Carrillo products are available in Australia & New Zealand via Rollies Speed Shop.

Fred Carrillo’s Logo in 1963

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