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Indian Motorcycles look great straight out of the factory but if you want to personalize the look or add some extra horsepower & torque then we have a great selection of performance enhancing exhausts for you to choose from.

The following are just samples to show you the variety available from Rollie’s Speed Shop.

Click on any of the images below to see our full range of Exhausts for Indian Motorcycles

Freedom Performance Exhausts

Made in Corona, California, USA

FPE make a wide range of exhausts for Indian Motorcycles. 

The Radical Radius is a very popular style in Australia with it’s triple stepped headers to maximize horsepower & torque.

Other great options are the American Outlaw Shorty 2-into-1 and the Combat 2-into-1

They also make great True Dual Headers.

Rinehart Racing Exhausts

Made in North Carolina, USA

Rinehart Racing focus on Slip-on Mufflers.

These are easy to install and will give your bike a boost in Torque and HP while also providing that loud rumble sound with the signature crackle.

They make 4″ and 3.5″ Slip-on Mufflers in Black and Chrome finishes.


Two Brothers Racing Exhausts

Made in Corona, California, USA

TBR make the Comp-S 2-into-1 Exhaust for the Indian Scout 2017up.

This is available in Stainless Steel or Black with a Carbon Fiber End Cap.

Surprisingly this exhaust also gives you 11kg (24lbs) of weight savings (4.5kg/10lbs compared to stock at 15.5kg/34lbs)

Roland Sands Designs (RSD)

Made in Los Alamitos, California, USA

These Tracker Mufflers have race inspired styling.

These have a great deep sound and will boost your Torque & HP for Indian Scout 2015up models.

They come in any colour you want as long as it’s Black with a Black End Cap.


These are a no nonsense 2.5″ Slip-on Mufflers.  Our tests gave a 5% Horsepower gain withour Intake, Header or Fuel Mapping modifications.

These have a great throaty sound and they weigh 6.5kg less than the stock pipes.


S&S Cycle

Made in Viola, Wisconsin, USA

Last in this quick list but definitely not the least is the Grand National Slip-on by S&S Cycle.

This is a favorite downunder.  Made of stainless steel with exposed tig welds and a carbon fibre heat shield for a factory racing style.

It meets the J2825 sound levels with the dB reduser(Note: The dB reducer is removable)

We carry a large range of performance parts for Indian Motorcycles.  Whatever it is that you’re looking for, we probably have it… Check out our website and search for your next upgrade and if you have any questions just give us a call on 07-3252-5381.  We’ll make sure you get the correct parts to suit your bike’s model and year.

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