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FEULING PARTS Rocker Box / Cylinder Head Breathers – Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

When it comes to optimizing the performance and reliability of your Milwaukee Eight engine, every detail matters. That’s why FEULING Parts has introduced their innovative billet cylinder head breathers, designed specifically for Milwaukee Eight engines.

In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of these optimized breathers, highlighting their modular design, easy serviceability, and the positive impact they have on engine performance. Say goodbye to oil contamination and hello to improved breathing and enhanced engine reliability with FEULING Cylinder Head Breathers!

Cylinder Head Breathers: A Great Upgrade For Your M8

Luke Leatherman, the mastermind behind FEULING Parts, has introduced a game-changing solution for Milwaukee Eight engines.

FEULING Cylinder Head Breathers are meticulously crafted with a focus on performance and serviceability. These breathers feature a modular design that allows for easy maintenance and servicing, ensuring a hassle-free experience for motorcycle enthusiasts.

One of the standout features of FEULING’s Cylinder Head Breathers is their ability to prevent oil contamination.

With a dual screen setup and umbrella valve, these breathers efficiently circulate pressure while keeping oil from entering unwanted areas. The umbrella valve, activated by the pressure exerted, allows air to flow through the breather, providing both engine intake and external venting options.

Improved Sealing and Vacuum Measurement 

FEULING Cylinder Head Breathers go the extra mile to ensure optimal performance and reliability. By incorporating a double o-ring setup, these breathers enhance sealing, minimizing the risk of leaks and improving overall efficiency. This attention to detail provides peace of mind, knowing that your engine is protected against oil contamination and pressure irregularities.

FEULING Breather work, seal and you will find they hold an engine vacuum.  Testing shown on a healthy engine will see 3-4 oz of oil in the sump and once the dipstick is removed another 3-4 oz will drain.

NOTE: this test procedure can only be performed with a sealed engine meaning no external venting via dipstick or trans top cover.


Overcoming OEM Challenges 

FEULING Cylinder Head Breathers address a common challenge faced by Milwaukee Eight engines—the plastic OEM breathers. The excessive temperatures in the cylinder heads can cause distortion in the plastic breather elements, leading to issues with the umbrella valve seal and overall performance. By upgrading to FEULING billet cylinder head breathers, you replace the problematic plastic components with robust and reliable alternatives.

FEULING breathers are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of a high-performance engine. They offer optimized breathing, preventing oil from entering unwanted areas, and ensuring proper circulation of pressure.

The FEULING Advantage: Enhanced Drainage

To further improve the performance of Milwaukee Eight engines, FEULING Cylinder Head Breathers incorporate an innovative solution—increased drain holes. While the factory unit typically has two drain holes prone to clogging, FEULING breathers feature five drain holes in their FEULING breather system. This allows for enhanced oil drainage, reducing the risk of oil accumulation and ensuring optimal performance even in challenging riding conditions.

Cylinder Head Breathers 05

FEULING Cylinder Head Breathers are a game-changer for Milwaukee Eight engines, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance performance, reliability, and overall riding experience. With their optimized design, modular components, and easy serviceability, these breathers provide peace of mind and improved engine breathing.

Say goodbye to oil contamination, unreliable seals, and restricted performance

FEULING PARTS Cylinder Head Breather Installation Instructions:

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