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Named after the RPM point at which an engines horsepower equals its torque, The FiftyTwo52 was engineered with one priority: performance. Featuring Firebrand’s proprietary Powercurve, True-Merge Collector technology, the FiftyTwo52 does not fail to deliver.

Beginning with the 1 ¾“ matched ratio head pipes, exhaust pulses are synchronized to allow for optimized scavenging of exhaust pressure. Flowing into the Powercurve, True-Merge Collector, the exhaust will maintain velocity and experience the smoothest transition possible. Moving into the muffler, a 2 ½“ free flowing, perforated core baffle provides the least interference as the exhaust escapes. What does all this mean?  It means the FiftyTwo52 lives up to its namesake to achieve the best combination of horsepower and torque.

And it doesn’t all end with performance. The 20 degree upswept muffler with Moto GP inspired end treatment  attains a unique and aggressive style, while the dual layer baffle packing produces an incredibly deep race tune. Integrated heat shields and Firebrand’s hand crafted quality complete the package. Whether you choose show quality chrome or black ceramic finish, the FiftyTwo52 will not fail to impress.

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