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Those long rides through twisty roads and up mountains are great, it’s what every rider lives for, arriving at your destination, a breath-taking lookout with an incredible view or an old pub full of automotive memorabilia. Pulling up you reach down into your saddlebag to grab your phone and capture the moment. However, “Hang on…” you think to yourself “Where is it?”. You remember sitting it on top of your jacket, bag, hat, water bottle and toolkit. That’s when you realize the bumps along the road must have sent your phone packing down the back of your saddlebag and now your only option is to pull everything out and go deep diving into the unknown depths for it… moment ruined.

Thankfully Hardstreet has solved that problem by creating saddlebag storage and shelf kits that can be easily installed into your saddlebags, from now on everything will have its own spot and you can keep the important things like your wallet, phone, keys and sunnies on the easily accessible saddlebag top shelf so you don’t have to go searching for them ever again.

The saddlebag organiser can be installed in your garage or on the driveway and only takes five minutes with no tools required, all you need to do is peel back the self-adhesive stickers and stick it in, simple as that. Hardstreet offers up to three different colours (charcoal, grey and tan) so that you can find the perfect colour match for your bike. Not only does this saddlebag organiser look great but it feel great as well, it’s made from impact resistant material that can withstand hard knocks and has no fade.

Have a look through our catalogue to see the entire range of saddlebag storage as well as some installed shots so you know just how good they look, and don’t forget to share this article with a mate!

Saddlebag Organiser

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