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Memphis Shades Fairings

We love the raw look of a Harley-Davidson or Indain Motorcycle frontend but adding a fairing makes it a more comfortable ride at higher speeds and on long journeys.  It also provides some shielding against road debris being kicked up by vehicles in front of you.

You can also have some fun by adding a custom paint job on your fairing to make your motorcycle more unique and matched to your personality.  The image above is a great example with the painted design also covering the windshield, although it would partially restrict your view, but it looks great parked there.

When it comes to adding a fairing to your bike then Memphis Shades is our recommendation.  They have fairings and windshields to suit all models and they have a great fitment system allowing you to take it on and off quickly whenever you want.

The 3 main Fairings are the Road Warrior, Bat Wing & Gauntlet Quarter Fairing.

Note: All Memphis Shades Fairings are attached to your bike using their trigger lock mounting hardware which is sold separately to match up with your bike model.

Gauntlet Quarter Fairing

The Gauntlet Quarter Fairing features club bike styling with more wind protection than you’d expect in a clean compact package.

A great fairing for the Dyna or Sportster with their minimalist style and maximum function.

It’s a unitized quarter fairing with a smoked screen and gloss black class A finished outside, matt black inside.

It looks great in black but if you want a custom paint finish, it can be easily applied to this surface.

Road Warrior Fairing

The Road Warrior is a mid size fairing.  It’s 19″ wide and works with a variety of windshield options.

Available in matt black and gloss black.  You can also custom paint these with minimal preperation.

Most fitments are designed to be used with the model specific headlight extension blocks to bring the headlight forward in the fairing.


Bat Wing Fairing

If you want to add Bagger styling & comfort to your non-touring Harley-Davidson® then the memphis Shades Bat Wing Fairing is the perfect solution.

Designed to be lightweight and provide maximum wind deflection, these will fit everything from your Sportster to your Road King.

The finish is Class-A Gloss Black but can be painted to match your custom design.

Memphis Shades Fairing Mount Windshields

Windsihelds for Road Warrior Fairing

For the Road Warrior fairing we have windshields available in 11″, 13″ & 15″ with a Black Smoke tint finish (a black tint with 40% visible light transmission). 

In a Dark Black Smoke (a black tint with 25% visible light transmission) we have a 9″ windshield.

Tech Tip:-

How to size the windshield: The fairing adds roughly 3in. to the height of the windshield. Example: From the headlight opening to the top of a 13in. windshield is 16in..

Windsihelds for Bat Wing Fairing

For the Bat wing fairing we have Standard windshields available in 9″ & 7″ high with a Solar finish (a light tint with 72% visible light transmission). 

There is also a 5″ high Standard windshield with a Dark Black finish (a black tint with 25% visible light transmission).

Then we have the Spoiler Windshields available in 9″, 6.5″ and 5″ versions in a Dark Black finish (a black tint with 25% visible light transmission).


Trigger Lock Mounting Hardware: On-Off Without Tools

Memphis Shades Fairing are mounted to your bike using a trigger lock mounting hardware.  This allows you to quickly attach and detach your fairing.

A pair of glass-filled nylon latches lock it down until the spring loaded “Trigger-Locks” are intentionally disengaged.

The mounting hardware is guaranteed never to rust or tarnish. They are made exclusively of electrocoated aluminum and stainless steel, with stainless steel fasteners.  Most mounts are angle adjustable so you can set it to suit your personal preference.

The Mounts are model specific for no-hassle installation & the anchoring hardware is the same for all windshields and fairings for each bike.

The mounting hardware is sold separately to Windshields and Fairings.  Click the button to find the correct trigger lock mounting hardware for your bike…

Note: Trigger-Lock Mounting Kits consist of anchoring hardware (the part that stays on the bike), and mounting plates (the part that connects the fairing or windshield to the bike).

Memphis Shades Handlebar Mount Windshields

If you prefer not to have a fairing you can select a handlebar mounted windshield.  Available in different sizes and shade finishes.

* Universal Two-point Handlebar Mount hardware included with windshield.

* Polished billet aluminum handlebar clamp that fits 1in. and 7/8in. handlebars.

* Fits most round headlights.

* Made of Lucite for excellent clarity and weather-resistance.

* All hardware is CNC-machined billet aluminum and polished stainless steel.

Demon Solar/Tinted Handlebar Mount Windshield. 18″H x 21″W

Shooter Black Smoke Handlebar Mount Windshield. 14″H x 19″W

Demon Gradient Handlebar Mount Windshield. 18″ High x 21″ Wide

Demon Clear Handlebar Mount Windshield. 18″ High x 21″ Wide

Fats Solar/Tinted Windshield. Fits 2018up Fatboy. 15″H x 22″W

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