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Jagg Oil Cooler Kits Are A Great Investment to Protect Your Engine

Summer Heat can murder your Oil which then causes problems throughout your engine.  You can help prevent cooking your oil by installing a Jagg Oil Cooler Kit.

An Oil Cooler Kit works in 2 (or 3) ways…

  1. When installed, you’ll have more space for more oil in your system.  Having more oil means it takes longer to overheat. It’s like the difference between an empty kettle and a full kettle.
  2. An Oil Cooler circulates your oil through tubes located outside of your engine.  These tubes have a large surface area which is cooled by air while you’re riding.  
  3. A Fan Assisted Oil Cooler further regulates the temperature of your oil by blowing ambient air over the cooling tubes while you’re sitting still (stuck in traffic or at the lights on hot summer days)

Shown below are a couple of popular models that often sell out whenever an inevitable heat-wave hits.  Don’t risk waiting until the peak of Summer to order one of these for your Bike.

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Jagg Oil Cooler Kits 06
Jagg Oil Cooler Kits 05

Jagg Oil Cooler Kit – Multi Model Fitment

This Oil Cooler Kit was the first design from Jagg.  This is the original design for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles with perimeter, vertical frame tubes.  The cooler mounts to the left frame tube allowing airflow to the both the oil cooler kit and the V-Twin’s cylinders.

This kit has a six-tube, two pass design to maximize the cooling surface of this compact unit.  Even the billet aluminum end caps have machine fins to compliment your engine’s cooling fins.  The attention to detail makes this look like it should have always been there. 

Jagg Oil Cooler Kit JAG-750-1000

A Great DIY Project

The Deluxe Oil Cooler Kit is supplied complete with all necessary hardware and detailed, easy-to-follow installation instructions.

H-D Dyna models, 1991-2017
H-D Softail models, 1984-Present
H-D Sportster models, 1986-2021
H-D Touring models, 1984-2013

Jagg Fan Assisted Oil Cooler Kit for most H-D Models without Lower Fairing

Oil coolers work great when you’re cruising down the highway but during those times when you’re stuck at a long set of lights or wedged in peak hour traffic, you’ll see your engine & oil temps rise with the lack of airflow.

The Fan adds extra airflow for those times when you’re not moving, helping to keep your oil at a more consistent, cooler temp.  The Jagg WeatherTek fans are dust-tight and waterproof to handle the elements of daily riding in all weather conditions.

This Jagg Oil Cooler Kit has 10 rows to provide plenty of surface area to cool that oil, combined with the fan it’s a great way of protecting your oil during our hot summer days.  The WeatherTek fan turns on automatically if/when your oil reaches 98 Celsius (210 Fahrenheit)

This kit is a simple bolt-on installation, or replacement for models with stock oil cooler systems.

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