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It all started back in 2002 with Al Youngwerth, he had an off-road bike and he installed an aftermarket automatic clutch to make it easier when navigating the rough trails in Idaho.  The automatic clutch improved his bike’s performance but he felt it could be better.

With the help of Sean Brown, an engineering student at Boise State university, they created a working prototype that out performed anything on the market.  This was the beginning of Rekluse as a company.

Since 2002 Al Youngwerth and Sean Brown have continued with their research and development to expanded their range of products.  

Luckily for us this includes making awesome clutch products for Harley-Davidson® & Indian Motorcycles®.

Rekluse Founders – Al Youngwerth (middle) & Sean Brown (right)

TorqDrive provides more friction which means it can handle more torque & transfer more power to your rear wheel.

It’s simple but highly effective. Rekluse designed this to hold 6 extra friction disks without requiring any extra space.  This resulted in more torque without any increase in lever effort.  There’s also no need for a stiffer pressure plate or lock up device.

The slimmer friction disks use a steel core for improved heat dissipation and a longer clutch life and improved oil flow.

TorqDrive Clutch kits are available for:

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles: 

Sportster 1994Up Street 500 2015Up Softail 2018Up, Touring 2017Up, CVO 2013Up, Softail-S 2016-2017 & FLHTCKL/UL 2015-2016 Big Twin 1990-1997Most Cable Clutch Big Twin 1998-2017

Core Manual TorqDrive Clutch Kit: Sportsters 1994Up

Indian Motorcycles®:

Indian Scout 2015UpIndian Tourers 2014Up

RadiusX Auto Clutch Kits

How does an Auto Clutch work &why would you want one?

The Rekluse Auto Clutch uses proprietary EXP Technology to make riding easier.  The auto clutch will engage and disengage automatically based on the RPM.

As your RPM drops down the clutch will disengage to prevent you from stalling.  As you accelerate little wedges on the EXP Disk expand and engages the clutch.

The radiusX is a combination of Rekluse TorqDrive and EXP Technologies.  You retain full control of shifting gears and clutch lever control without any loss in power delivery. The benefit is not having to hold your lever down every time you slow down and stop. 

Bonus Benefit: You never risk stalling in traffic and having your mates laugh at you.  You can simply take off and stop in gear without using your clutch lever.  Plus you can ride longer with less effort required.

RadiusX Clutch Kits are available for:

Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles:

Most Cable Clutch Big Twin 1998-2017Touring 2017Up, CVO 2013Up, Softail-S 2016-2017 & FLHTCKL/UL 2015-2016Softail 2018UpStreet 500/750 2015Up

Indian Motorcycles®:

Indian Tourers 2014UpIndian Scout 2015Up

The RadiusCX Clutch

The RadiusCX is our Top of the line Auto Clutch bringing together all of our technology…  TorqDrive, EXP & Core Technology are all in this awesome package.

You will get the perfect power delivery every time.  Never again will you send too much or too little torque through your clutch.  Hitting that optimum load perfectly every time means quicker take offs, better gear shifting and easier riding.

A Billet Pressure Plate and Center Clutch are included, converting the stock diaphragm spring to Six Coil Springs.

The technology in the RadiusCX doesn’t just make riding easier, it also reduces heat build up and component wear.  This means your Rekluse Clutch not only performs better but lasts longer even under extreme riding conditions.

Built to handle hard riding and also ideal for that slow congested traffic low speed crawling.  This clutch has you covered in all conditions.

RadiusCX Clutch fits Sportster 1994Up

Hydraulic Slave Cylinder Assembly

The Slave Cylinder is a direct bolt-on replacement that reduces the clutch lever pull on Milwaukee-Eight® models without compromising your clutch control, modulation or your shifting performance.

This is compatible with OEM and aftermarket clutches including Rekluse’s RadiusX and TorqDrive.

The Slave Cylinder is precision machined from billet aluminium and hard anodized for durability.

The result of installing this on your Milwaukee-Eight® is a lighter lever pull (less fatigue) and an expanded friction zone… better take offs.  

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