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544C Chain Drive Camshaft Kit. Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up.

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MFR PART No: 4-4027


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Product Details

Chris Rivas’ Rocket Cams for Milwaukee 8!

Features & Benefits:-

* Aggressive lobe profile for 114+ built engines

* Torque comes on late and extends horsepower further for big gains

* Intended for professional engine builders looking for big performance

* High compression and ported heads recommended

* Requires high lift valve springs

* Peak performance 2000 to 6200 rpm

NOTE: Requires additional purchase of install kit # SS330-0619

Tech Tips:-

* This cam requires High Lift Valve Springs # SS900-0958 & Adjustable Pushrods # SS930-0123

Proudly Made in the USA !

*Intake: .544 Valve Lift, 16 Open, 44 Close, 240 Duration @ .053, .160 lift @ TDC

*Exhaust: .544 Valve Lift, 60 Open, 24 Close, 264 Duration @ .053, .198 lift @ TDC

MFR PART No: 4-4027

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