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High Flow Camplate. Fits Twin Cam 2007-2017.


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Product Details

NOTE: For use ONLY with FEULING oil pumps FE-7060.

Features & Benefits:-

* Requires FE-8016 Block Off Plate when using gear drive cams

* Feuling camplates for Twin Cam engines increases engine oil flow and volume by enlarging critical oil passages and the oil pump reservoirs. The camplates are blue printed and matched to the Feuling oil pumps which allow the Twin Cam# Engine to take full advantage of the increased volume from the Feuling oil pumps.

* Made from 7075 billet aluminum which increases the strength and hardness of the camplate, holds tighter tolerances under temperature and allows elimination of the pinion shaft bushing.

* Increased oil flow to pinion shaft and connecting rod bearings

* Tighter cam bearing bore tolerance for improved press fit

* Pressure relief valve and spring are designed for increased volume and pressure, eliminating the need to stretch the spring or use a shim.

* Decreases engine temperature by +/- 20 Degre es

* When matched with the Feuling Race Pump rear wheel power gains of 3 Horsepower and 4 ft/lbs of Torque are achieved.

* For use ONLY with the Feuling oil pumps

* Includes bearing retainer plate and hardware

* Bolts into stock location

* Made in the U.S.A.

Tech Tips:

* Also fit’s 2006 Dyna (These use 2007up Oiling Systems)

MFR PART No: 8015


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