111ci Evo Engine – Natural.

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    MFR PART No: 106-5703
    ROLLIES PART No: SS106-5703

    SS106-5701 SS310-0766 SS310-0828 SS106-5704


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    Product Details

    Features & Benefits:-

    * Super Stock Ignition.

    * 2 Year Warranty.

    * 4-1/8in. Bore x 4-1/8in. Stroke.

    * Short stroke produces less vibration & longer engine life.

    * 9.8:1 Compression Ratio.

    * HVHP (High Volume High Pressure) oil pump.

    * S&S 585 cam & lightweight single coil valve springs minimize valve train noise.

    * Forged Pistons.

    * Forged Rocker Arms.

    * Super E Carburettor.

    * Shorter overall height than stock motor – easy fit.

    * Chrome rocker covers, tappet covers & cam cover.

    * Includes electric compression release.

    Proudly Made in the USA by S&S Cycle !

    MFR PART No: 106-5703
    ROLLIES PART No: SS106-5703

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