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34 Tooth Transmission Pulley. Fits 6Spd Twin Cam 2006-2017.

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MFR PART No: AP-290346


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Product Details

NOTE: 34 Tooth Does not fit 2007–16 Touring Models!

Suggested Additional Purchase: Part # PBI-291 (Lock Nut)

Features & Benefits:-

* 34 Tooth Overdrive Pulley gives 6.4% Less RPM (187 RPM drop @ 60 MPH, high gear)

* Speedo Recalibration Unit NMZ-NSIM-01 is available if required.

* Long Life Steel

Tech Tips:-

* Will Not Fit Touring Models.

* Pulleys with more teeth than stock , rear axle must be adjusted forward.

* Each tooth c hange on transmission sprocket = + /– .125 inch at the Rear axle

* Each tooth change in belt length = + /–.280 inches at the rear Axle

* Not enough axle adjustment for the new pulley, use a belt with more (or less) teeth than stock.

1. Softail models 132 tooth (OEM is 133T) x 20mm rear belt is available BDL-SPC-132-20 or OEM = 40074-07

2. Dyna Models 130 tooth (OEM = 131T) x 1in. rear belt is available


Proudly Manufactured in the USA by Andre w Products

MFR PART No: AP-290346

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