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Saddlemen/Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seats

Are you in search of the perfect seat that combines comfort and style for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle? Look no further than the Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seats.

These exceptional seats are exclusively designed by Speed Merchant and skillfully crafted by Saddlemen, the industry leader in motorcycle seats.

One of the standout features of The Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seats is their slim design, meticulously following the frame’s contour. Not only does this design enhance the overall aesthetics of your bike, but it also guarantees a comfortable and secure fit for both you and your passenger.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, these seats boast a perforated leather centerpiece adorned with exquisite diamond stitching. However, it’s not just about looks—these seats prioritize exceptional comfort. Thanks to the incorporation of Gel-Core technology, combining a Gel-Core interior and Ultra-Foam, a foam that strikes the perfect balance between rigidity and user compliance is achieved. This innovative design actively reduces vibrations, allowing you to experience a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seat for Fat Bob

By now, you may already know that GELcore™ is the easiest way to improve your comfort and extend your ride time by up to 400%. It’s no surprise that Saddlemen proudly hold the title of the number one Gel Seat manufacturer. With an extensive range of styles and fitments available, you can effortlessly find the perfect seat to enhance your riding experience. You can explore all of your options available in Australia via Rollies Speed Shop by clicking this link…

Durability is another key aspect of The Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seats. The unique molding process of the Ultra-Foam creates an element-resistant self-skinning surface, effectively sealing the foam from water and elevating the seat’s overall durability. Not only will these seats provide unmatched comfort, but they will also withstand the test of time, making them a truly worthwhile investment.

The Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seat Range

Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seat.

Fits Softail Street Bob 2018up & Standard 2020up

Part No: SAD-SM81830DB

Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seat.

Fits Sport Glide & Low Rider 2018up & Low Rider S 2020up

Part No: SAD-SM81829DB

Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seat.

Fits Touring 2008up

Part No: SAD-SM80807DB

Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seat.

Fits Dyna 2006-2017

Part No: SAD-SM8064DB

The Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seats are an absolute game-changer for Harley-Davidson riders who value comfort, style, and durability. Created by The Speed Merchant and expertly crafted by Saddlemen, these seats seamlessly blend superior craftsmanship, Gel-Core technology, and exquisite design elements, offering you an unparalleled riding experience.

Don’t wait any longer—elevate your ride today and discover the epitome of comfort and style with the Speed Merchant Pro Series Dual Seats. Upgrade your Harley-Davidson motorcycle and enjoy the road like never before.

About The Speed Merchant

The Speed Merchant is fueled by an unwavering passion for motorcycles, regardless of their kind, driving their relentless pursuit to deliver exceptional products and services. Quality, service, and integrity take precedence in every aspect of their manufacturing process, which remains firmly rooted in Southern California.

By wholeheartedly supporting local craftsmen and businesses, The Speed Merchant actively contributes to the thriving community, ultimately ensuring a superior experience for their valued customers.

With a rich and storied history spanning decades, The Speed Merchant’s profound love for motorcycles runs deep. Their dedication surpasses mere customization and motorcycle building; they constantly strive to redefine the limits of what a custom motorcycle can achieve. The result? Builds that not only boast stunning aesthetics but also perform flawlessly. Countless hours are devoted to the meticulous design, development, and rigorous testing of new products, designed to excel both on the track and on the street. This unwavering commitment to innovation has propelled The Speed Merchant to develop an extensive line of parts meticulously crafted for Harley Davidson and Triumph motorcycles.

The Speed Merchant Lifestyle 02
The Speed Merchant Lifestyle 03

At the core of The Speed Merchant’s philosophy lies an unshakeable belief in the power of the motorcycle community. Embracing every opportunity to surpass expectations, they remain acutely aware that their customers deserve nothing short of the very best. The brand’s organic growth is a testament to their unwavering dedication to their core principles, even amidst the challenges that come with expansion. Proud advocates of independent businesses, The Speed Merchant remains steadfast in their commitment to consistently deliver top-tier products and services.

By choosing The Speed Merchant, customers become an integral part of a passionate and devoted community. Their products serve as the embodiment of the spirit of craftsmanship, unwavering quality, and unwavering commitment to innovation that has come to define the motorcycle world. The Speed Merchant cordially invites all motorcycle enthusiasts to join them on an exhilarating journey as they continue to shape the future of custom motorcycles.

Choose to support The Speed Merchant and allow your passion to thrive as you revel in the unparalleled thrill of riding like never before.

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