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Have You Been Searching For a Tuner For Your 2021 Harley-Davidson®?

The new 2021 models look great but we kept hearing complaints that you can’t upgrade it because there’s no tuning software for these new models. You can’t safely add a performance intake, exhaust and/or a more aggressive camshaft without requiring a retune. 

Making those upgrades without a proper retune is not worth it.  Without the correct EFI Tuning you won’t get the performance boost you want and you risk damaging your engine.  This was a problem that needed to be solved ASAP.

Rollies Speed Shop teamed up with TechnoResearch to develop new software for the MY21 models and it has just been released (Tues, 6th April, 2021) making it the first Performance EFI Tuner capable of remapping 2021 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles

“We understand that you need to personalize your bike and get it setup to match you and your riding style.  That’s a big reason we all buy bikes.

We totally got your frustration & feeling like you were being held back which is why Rollie’s Speed Shop has been working closely with TechnoResearch to get their MAXIMUS EFI Tuner up to speed for you.

Sharing our 40+ Years of Tuning Experience with their [TechnoResearch] Software Gurus has been well worth the effort because we have just developed New Software for Harley-Davidson® 2021 models.” – Rollies Speed Shop

This makes MAXIMUS the 1st Performance EFI Tuner to have an MY21 Tuning Software update.

How Do You Access The 2021 Tuning Software Update?

More than likely, you don’t have a Tuner for your 2021 model yet because you’ve been wisely waiting to see who would be first to release it.

If you don’t already have one you can click the button below to order a MAXIMUS right now…

If you could see into the future and already have a MAXIMUS EFI Tuner then you’re ready to get your bike up on a Dyno…

The new update is a just New Software which is automatically updated on all current MAXIMUS & Direct Link Keys when you next open the program. 

You can finally start adding all of the performance upgrades you want… a High-Flow Air Cleaner, Performance Exhaust, a more aggressive Camshaft and Lifters, etc

You can take your 2021 model up to the specs you’ve been dreaming of and know that everything is tuned correctly to run smooth at peak performance. 

You’re no longer stuck on the default stock standard like every 2021 owner has been. 

You now have the freedom to start upgrading the performance of your bike to suit You.

Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key. Fits H-D 2001up with Delphi EFI.

PART NO. TR200053-M01

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