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Enjoy Longer Rides…

There’s nothing better than getting out on a long ride to clear your head.  You can feel your mind relax and you can enjoy the moment rather than worry about everything else that’s going on in life.

The downside of long rides is the physical fatigue.  Maybe it’s the colder weather coming, maybe it’s old age creeping up or maybe I just keep riding until I feel the fatigue kicking in lol.

A comfy Saddlemen Seat has helped keep my arse in place without going numb on longer rides but now it’s my grip that’s been holding me back.  My clutch hand has been playing up on me so I was looking for a solution to lighten the lever pull.

This slave cylinder from Rekluse has made a big difference for me.  I still have the control that I want but it’s much less taxing on rides where I’m constantly shifting gears and I’m getting a smoother launch when taking off.

I highly recommend this slave cylinder for M8 owner.

It Reduces Lever Pull Effort…

This unit makes life easier and it’s a simple bolt-on replacement for Milwaukee-Eight models.

Obviously, this is ideal as an add-on when upgrading to a Rekluse Clutch but it will also work with stock and other after market clutches. 

Testing has shown over 30% reduction for M8 models & 20% reduction in lever pull effort for Twin-Cam models with stock clutches.

An additional clutch lever pull reduction of 10%-30% can be achieved when combined with the Rekluse TorqDrive Clutch, yielding a total reduction in lever pull by 60% depending on engine torque.

& It Increases The Friction Zone…

The hydraulic slave cylinder also increases the friction zone on your clutch resulting in better control & smoother engagement.  

This is a noticeable difference in your takeoff from the lights.  You’re still getting full power when it’s fully engaged but you have a smoother connection rather than that hair trigger bite as the clutch engages.


This is another “Must Have” for M8 Owners and if you want the best results possible then combine it with a Rekluse TorqDrive Clutch.


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