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Trask Tornado Turbo Kits

Introducing to the Trask Tornado Turbo

Have you heard the saying, “Twist the throttle and unleash the beast?”

With the Trask Tornado Turbo, it’s not just a saying; it’s a reality. But why exactly would you want to turbocharge your beloved Harley?

Why Turbocharge Your Harley?

There’s a thrill in pushing the boundaries, feeling the raw power between your legs, hearing the roaring response from the engine, and seeing the envious glances from onlookers. Turbocharging is more than just about power; it’s about achieving the optimal harmony between man and machine.

The Magic Behind The “Tornado” Name

The Tornado isn’t just a catchy name; it symbolizes the storm of power, performance, and precision that the Trask Tornado Turbo Kit brings to your ride.

This bolt on kit adds 40-50% more power for stock 107″, 114″ and 117″ Milwaukee-Eight Engines.  This’ll make your M8 feel like a whole new Beast.  Twist your throttle and hang on tight… just like in the Wizard of Oz, you’ll be transported to a whole new world of insanity.

Features of the Trask Tornado Turbo Kit

Now, let’s dive deep into what makes this kit a beast on the road.

Power Boost: Unleashing the Beast

Imagine getting a whopping 40-50% more power from your engine. Whether it’s for city rides or long cruises, this power boost ensures your Harley-Davidson® never feels sluggish again.  

The only problem will be your mates struggling to keep up with you on group rides.

Precision Internals: Trask & Garrett Collaboration

Collaboration often leads to innovation. Trask and Garrett, two giants in their fields, have teamed up to provide internals that promise not only power but also unparalleled durability.

Garrett is a leading manufacturer of turbochargers and other performance products. Their expertise in turbocharger technology was essential to the development of the Tornado Turbo Kit.

The Tornado Turbo Kit is based on Garrett’s GT35 turbocharger, which is a proven design that has been used in a variety of applications. Trask Performance modified the GT35 turbocharger to fit the Harley-Davidson M8 engine and to meet the specific needs of Harley-Davidson riders.

The Trask Performance Tornado Turbo Kit is a great example of what can be achieved when two companies with complementary expertise work together.

Iconic Trask Aesthetics 

This isn’t just a piece of machinery; it’s a work of art. With mandrel bent and tig welded stainless steel pipe kits, inclusive of wastegates, your bike will not only sound good – it will look even better.

Race-Inspired Heat Shields

Because why should racers and pilots have all the fun?

The Heat Shields on a Trask Exhaust don’t just protect; they add a flair of the race track to your everyday rides.  The Heat Shields are bolted with tie wired fasteners to ensure to bolts will never come loose from the vibration of your V-Twin.

The Ease of Installation

For many, the thought of installation brings about visions of long hours and complicated setups. But with the Trask Tornado Turbo Kit, it’s smooth sailing.

All-Inclusive Components

From larger injectors to spark plugs, every single component you need for installation is included in these Tornado Turbo Kits. No more last-minute trips to your local dealer or waiting for crucial parts to arrive!

Custom Cam Cover & Its Benefits

The custom cam cover on the Trask Performance Tornado Turbo Kit is made from billet aluminum and features a machined Trask logo. It is designed to provide clearance for the turbocharger on your Harley-Davidson® M8 engine.

The custom cam cover is also a cosmetic upgrade that gives your motorcycle a more aggressive look, and it helps to protect the turbocharger from heat and debris.

DIY Or Book It Into The Workshop?

The Trask Tornado Turbo Kit contains everything you need for fitment and this video from Trask shows you how to do it.  They make it look easy and that’s the skill of a great mechanic.  You absolutely can do it yourself… However, these are precision kits and you will need a professional to Dyno Tune your engine after installation, so you may want to book it in to your local workshop.

ThunderMAX EFI Tuners

For Dyno Tuning your new build we highly recommend using a thunderMAX EFI Tuner.

For Touring 2017-2020: PART No: Z309-588

Fits Touring 2021up: PART No: Z309-591

For Softail 2018-2020: PART No: Z309-589

Fits Softail 2021up: PART No: Z309-592

Take Your Harley-Davidson®  To The Next Level

In essence, the Trask Tornado Turbo Kit by Trask Performance isn’t just another accessory for your Harley. It’s an experience, a leap into a realm where every twist of the throttle is met with exhilarating speed and power. So, if you’ve been yearning for an upgrade that truly makes a difference, it’s time to make a statement with the Trask Tornado Turbo Kit. Your Harley deserves it, and so do you!

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