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The Tuned Induction Air Cleaner Kit has been redesigned by S&S Cycle.  

This is a 2-into-1 Air Cleaner.  The two tubes feeding into the throttle body are finished at different lengths allowing you the option of staggering the air filters or lining them up.  The dual washable air filters on this kit provide 44% more airflow than the stock system.

This is an easy install kit you can do yourself, however you will need a retune afterwards to make the most out of all that extra air flowing into your V-Twin.

This is a great performance boosting upgrade that has a unique style. The forward design provides extra leg clearance for taller guys.  

Available in Gloss Black, Stainless and Chrome finish.  Proudly made in the U.S.A. by S&S Cycle 

Features & Benefits:-

* Bolt-on performance with more than twice the filtering area over the stock intake system

* Increases horsepower and torque across the RPM range using air column inertia and carefully timed gas dynamic pressure waves

* Smooth intake tract of carefully selected tuned lengths increases performance

* Kit Includes Red Filters.  (These can be transformed to Black using the K&N Recharge Kit, see blow for more info on this.)

* Nylon Rain Filter Covers can be purchased separately; Part No: SS106-0248

Tuned Induction Kit for Harley-Davidson 01

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Tuned Induction Air Cleaner Kit.  Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up.

Tuned Induction Air Cleaner Kit. Fits Twin Cam 2008-2017 with Throttle-by-Wire.

Air Filter Care Service Kits

These Recharger Kits come with an 8 ounce squeeze bottle of oil and a 12 ounce K&N pump bottle of Power Kleen air filter cleaner. 

Note: Using the Black Recharger Kit will change your air filter from K&N Filters iconic Red to a Black appearance.

The K&N Recharger Kit is designed for cleaning your K&N oiled cotton air filter when it is time to be serviced.

These kits come with K&N Power Kleen air filter cleaner and K&N air filter oil. It will restore air flow efficiency and will bring your K&N oiled cotton air filter to “like new” condition. K&N Power Kleen works to dissolve the dirt build up and old filter oil, then it can be washed away with water. After the air filter fully dries re-oil your air filter then reinstall it.

The Tuned Induction Air Cleaner Looks Great On A Variety Of Models…

Tuned Induction Air Cleaner for Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

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