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Welcome to Part 2 of this 2022 Low Rider S build by Rollies Speed Shop.  Part 1 covered the engine modifications and the chain conversion.  This article covers the rest of the Parts & Accessories on this great build.  Now, let’s dive in and take a look at what’s been done on this bike to improve it’s handling, style and comfort…

A New Handlebar Setup For This 2022 Low Rider S

The stock risers had to go.  We replaced them with Thrashin Supply 8″ Straight Risers.  These have a more solid look and feel, plus it replaces the analog guage with a more discrete digital display.  The bars are also from Thrashin Supply… The Aggressive Mid-Bend Bars are the perfect height and angle for the owner’s riding position on this 2022 Low Rider S.

2022 Low Rider S with Thrashin - Arlen Ness - Flo

For handgrips we went with Performance Machine‘s Contour Grips, easily one of the most comfortable grips available.  The levers from FLO are an aggressive MX style lever (I’m sure you can see a common theme building here). 

To see who gets left behind on group rides we chose Arlen Ness Mini Oval Mirrors.  These are a simple, stylish design that still provides a wide viewing angle with their convex mirror.

2022 Low Rider S with Thrashin Risers & Handlebar 01

These Are Rollies Handlebar Parts For This 2022 Low Rider S

Note: Click on the Golden Part Numbers under the image to open that Part’s info page.

8″ Straight Thrashin Risers – Black
Fits 2018up Softail Street Bob & Breakout & Standard 2020up
Part No: TS-TSC-8025-1

1″ Riser Extensions – Black
Part No: TS-TSC-9801-1

Aggressive Mid Bend Bars – Black
Part No: TS-TSC-2706-1

Contour Handgrips – Black
Fits H-D 2008up with Throttle-by-Wire
Part No: P00632020B

Heavy Duty Polyurethane Handlebar Damper Kit – Black
Fits Softail 2018up
Part No: AN-520-101

Under Perch Turn Signals – Black
Fits Softail 2015up & Touring 2009up Models with Cable Clutch
Part No: BAI-L22-0232MBE

Mini Oval Mirror – Black
Part No: AN-13-412 (LEFT)      Part No: AN-13-413 (RIGHT)

MX Levers – Black
Fits Softail 2015up
Part No: FLO-HD-810

Memphis Shades Fairing For 2022 Low Rider S

With the new handlebar setup installed, it was time to add a larger fairing to give the rider more shielding.  The Road Warrior Fairing from Memphis Shades with a 9″ Dark Black Smoke Windscreen adds some club style to this modern machine.

2022 Low Rider S Memphs Shades Road Warrior Fairing 01
2022 Low Rider S Memphs Shades Road Warrior Fairing 02

Road Warrior Fairing
Fits Low Rider S 2020up
Part No: MEM-MEM7371

9″ Road Warrior Windshield
Dark Black Smoke
Part No: MEM-MEP86610

Note: Memphis Shades fairings are fitted using a unique mounting system so they can easily be attached and/or removed whenever you feel like changing things up for the day’s ride.

Black Road Warrior Trigger-Lock Mounting Hardware
Fits Low Rider S 2020up
Part No: MEM-MEB2043

Head Light Trim Ring
Fits Low Rider S 2020up
Part No: MEM-MEB7231

Headlight Extension Block – PART No: MEM-MEB9882

2022 Low Rider S – Style & Comfort Upgrades

The finishing touches on this 2022 Low Rider S build are all about style and comfort…  To tidy up that rear end we replaced the bulky stock indicators with Kodlin USA’s Neowise Strut Lights which are virtually invisible on the frame until you use them, then they shine bright to be seen easily.

A curved licence plate holder and the low profile taillight with a smoked lens adds to the refined look of this build.  It’s important to make the rear end look good because that’s what most people will be seeing as you fly past them.

2022 Low Rider S Modified at Rollies Brisbane 01
2022 Low Rider S Neowise Strut Light

Although we added classy/refined elements to this build, it is still set up for an aggressive rider.  The FLO MX Pegs, Brake & Shifter provide awesome grip and an aggressive style.

The Saddlemen Step-Up seat also gives you the best of both worlds.  You have a comfortable seat for a passenger to join you on rides & you have the ideal stunter seat.  The high back support and narrow nose of the seat help lock you in position when accelerating and leaning deep while cornering. 

2022 Low Rider S Flo Footpegs
2022 Low Rider S Saddlemen Seat

These Are The Comfort & Style Upgrade Parts For This 2022 Low Rider S

Note: Click on the Golden Part Numbers under the image to open that Part’s info page.

LED Low Profile Taillight with Smoke Lens
& Number Plate Illumination
Fits Most 1999up Models

Laydown Curved Number Plate Frame – Black
Fits any H-D Model with Standard 3-Bolt Mount
Part No: K3148

Neowise Mini Strut Light Kit – Black
Fits Most HD 2002up
Part No: KM-K68489

V2 MX Footpegs – Black
Fits Softail 2018up Front
Part No: FLO-FPEG-800-3BLK

Brake Pedal Arm – Black
Fits Softail 2018up with Mid Controls
Part No: FLO-HDBP-806BLK

Shifter Pedal Arm – Black
Fits Softail 2018up with Mid Controls
Part No: FLO-HDSF-806BLK

Saddlemen Step-Up LS Dual Seat with
Gold Double Diamond Lattice Stitch.
Fits Low Rider S 2020up & Low Rider ST 2022up
Part No: SAD-818-29-172GO

Seat Mounting Knob – Black
Part No: SAD-8909B

This 2022 Low Rider S Build is Complete… For Now.

Low Rider S 2022 Build 10

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