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Low Rider S 2022 Stock 01

This 2022 Low Rider S hadn’t even reached it’s first service before coming into Rollies Workshop for performance, comfort & style upgrades.  The Lower Rider S is already a great bike but the owner knew there was room for improvement.

This is a top quality build from front to back, inside & out.   We documented the build so you can see what’s gone into this 2022 Low Rider S.  For more info on any of the parts shown below, simply click on the golden coloured Part No. under the image.

This article is Part 1.  We’ll start with the engine/performance modifications…

2022 Low Rider S Engine & Exhaust Upgrade

2022 Low Rider S Build Begins

The owner of this 2022 Low Rider S wanted a Torque focused camshaft for low range power to launch at the lights and easily overtake other vehicles on the road.  We went with the S&S 475C Chaindrive Camshaft.

He also wanted a build that would be low maintenance and provide trustworthy performance for a long time so we replaced the stock weak-points with quality performance parts… 

The flimsy stock tappet cuffs were replaced with the solid S&S Tappet Cuffs.  Precision Tappets were installed to ensure plenty of oil flow.  the plastic stock manifold was replaced with a 55mm Performance Manifold made of aluminum (Note: We had this coated in black to better suit the bike’s desired look).

We put in an S&S Oil Control Valve made of 6061 billet aluminum and high strength steel for it’s long lasting durability.  The standard oil control valve on the M8 can fatigue and break, causing chips to flow through the oil system causing significant damage.

Once the engine was setup on this side we added the TBR Comp-S 2-into-1 Exhaust which always provides great power gains over stock.  The Maximus EFI Tuner Key is ready and waiting but first we need to do a Chain Conversion.

These Are The Parts Used For This Modification On The 2022 low Rider S

Note: Click on the Golden Part Numbers under the image to open that Part’s info page. 

475C Chain Drive Camshaft Kit
Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up
Part No: SS330-0641

Quickee Adjustable Pushrod Kit – Black
Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up
Part No: SS930-0137

Tappet Covers – Black
Fits Touring 2017up & Softail 2018up
Part No: BAI-I04-0890GB

Tappet Cuffs – Black
Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up
Part No: SS330-0655

Precision Tappets
Fits Twin Cam 1999-2017, Sportster & Buell 2000-2021 & Milwaukee-Eight 2017up
Part No: SS330-0718

M8 Oil Control Valve
Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up
Part No: SS310-1150

55mm Performance Manifold
Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up
Part No: SS160-0241

Comp-S 2-into-1 Exhaust
Stainless Steel with Carbon Fiber End Cap
Fits Softail 2018up with Non-240 Rear Tyre
Part No: TBR-005-4960199

Maximus Direct Link Tuning Key
Fits H-D 2001up with Delphi EFI
Part No: TR200053-M01

2022 Low Rider S Chain Conversion

The next step in this build is the Chain Conversion… It needs a chain to handle the torque of that S&S 475C Camshaft upgrade.  Over time the Factory Belt will stretch and eventually break as they were not engineered for modified engines and aggressive riding.

A chain drive will give you more durability long term.  If you love revving up and dropping the clutch then this is the way to go.

Low Ride S 2022 Chain Conversion 01
Low Ride S 2022 Chain Conversion 03
Low Ride S 2022 Chain Conversion 02

These Are The Parts Used For This Chain Drive Conversion

Note: Click on the Golden Part Numbers under the image to open that Part’s info page. 

25 Tooth 0.500 Offset Transmission Sprocket
Fits Dyna 2006-2017 & Softail 2007up
Part No: PBI-302-25

Transmission MainShaft Locknut
Fits 6spd Big Twin 2006up
Part No: PBI-291

53 Tooth, Flat Steel Rear Chain Sprocket – Black Zinc
Fits Big Twin 1973up & Sportster 1982-2021
Part No: PBI-2073S-53-BZ

3/4in. Pulley Spacer with Lip – Gloss Black
Fits H-D 2000up Wheels
PART No: BAI-D26-0138GB-S075

Rear Pulley Bolts
Black 12 Point ARP 7/16″-14 x 2.25″
Part No: FE-ARP207

Rear X-Ring Chain with 120 Link – Black & Chrome
Part No: BC-19-7378

X-Ring Chain Clip Link – Black (Extra Link)
Part No: BC-19-7394

Boosting the Braking Power in Balance with the Engine Modifications

When you’re modifying the engine for more Horsepower & Torque, you also need to balance the stopping power.  The stock braking system is not designed for a modified engine.  This 2022 Low Rider S now has GalferUSA Floating Wave Disc Rotors to ensure optimum brake pad-to-rotor contact.

2022 Low Rider S Front Brake Rotor by GalferUSA

The Galfer-patented Wave® rotor is made from a proprietary mix of virgin high carbon 420 stainless steel, laser cut (never stamped), double disc-parallel ground to assure perfect parallel flatness and heat treated to each specific application. 

These seamlessly replace the stock rotors, however we also used top quality ARP Bolts from Feuling for extra durability.

11.8″ Front Wave Floating Disc Rotor – Black
Part No: GAL-DF835CW-B

Front Disc Bolts – Black 12 Point ARP 5/16″-18 x 1.0″
Fits Most HD models 1984up
Part No: FE-ARP200

11.5″ Rear Floating Wave Disc Rotor with Black Carrier
Part No: GAL-DF681CW-B

Rear Disc Bolts – Black 12 Point ARP 3/8″-16 x 1.0″
Fits Most HD models 1997up
Part No: FE-ARP202

2022 Low Rider S Build (Part 1)

The completed build is an awesome bike to ride.  Great Torque and plenty of Horsepower.  It’s a well balanced upgrade and very responsive on the throttle.  The owner is stoked with the outcome.

2022 Low Rider S Build by Rollies Speed Shop

Note: This article is only Part 1, covering the engine build and chain conversion… Part 2 covers the front end modifications – Handlebar setup, Fairing & other Parts & Accessories used to improve handling, add style and boost comfort.  Click the button below to see more of this 2022 Low Rider S build…

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