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A Harley-Davidson® Street 500 is the starting point for most people these days.  Australian motorcycle licencing regulates that the XG500 Street is the only Harley-Davidson® model in the “Learner Approved Motorcycle” list.

The good news is that you can still modify your Street 500 to improve the look, feel and performance.

Here’s our list of the Top 5 Upgrades for the Harley-Davidson® Street 500

#1 Forward Controls

The standard placement of the foot controls on a Street 500 make you feel like you’re sitting on top of your bike… Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it does feel more comfortable when you can stretch out your legs.

A set of Forward Controls will shift them forwards and change your seating position so you can sit into your bike, not on top of it.

This moves the foot controls forward 280mm.

It also gives you that cruising style of ride that most Harley-Davidson Riders expect to enjoy.  That’s why you picked a Harley-Davidson over other brands.

BEFORE: Standard Foot Control Position – Knees Up Riding

AFTER: Forward Controls Position – Legs Relaxed

#2 Fender Eliminator Kit

I hate to say it but the Street 500 has a chunky rear end (not in the good way).  A bunch of extra plastic with bulky indicators really isn’t needed.

All that junk can be replaced with a ‘stealth’ wrap around tail light with the brightest LEDs in the market today. 

The fender eliminator provides you with extremely bright LED turn signals, an LED brake light, and LED license plate light for a complete fender eliminator solution.

The fender eliminator kits from New Rage Cycles are all constructed from billet aluminum and black powder coated for a very clean finish, as well as CNC machined polycarbonate to mask the LEDs, avoiding the usual ‘hot spot’ as in most other kits.

#3 Performance Exhaust Upgrade

For the best impact we recommend the full Exhaust System from Two Brothers Racing…

Comp-S 2-into-1 Exhaust – Black with Carbon Fiber End Cap. Fits Street 500 2015up.

This uses a stock head pipe fitment for a quick and easy install.

This will provide you with instant top end horspower improvement and an aggresive sound.

When tuned with a Maximus we saw a 12.5% increase in H.P. (38.5 ->43.3 HP) & a 23% increase in TQ. (31.4 -> 38.7ft/lbs)

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

4″ slip-on Mufflers for Street 500

Another simple option if you’re on a budget is to keep your stock exhaust but add a 4″ Slip-on Muffler.  These are quick and easy to install as they simply slip on over your stock exhaust pipe.  These mufflers will alter the sound of your Harley-Davidson® Street 500 and provide you with a boost in top-end horsepower.

FREEDOM PERFORMANCE – 4″ Liberty Slip-On Muffler – Black. Fits Street 2015up.

PART No: FPE-HD00465

RINEHART RACING – 4″ Slip-On Muffler – Black with Black End Cap. Fits Street 2015up.

PART No: RIN-500-0600

S&S CYCLE – 4″ Grand National Slip-On Muffler – Black with Black End Cap. Fits Street 2015up.

PART No: SS550-0703

TWO BROTHERS RACING – Comp-S Shorty Slip-On Muffler – Black with Carbon Fiber End Cap. Fits Street 2015up.

PART No: TBR-005-4340499-BLK

#4 Upgrade Your Air Cleaner

An engine is like a human, it needs air to breathe and function properly.  Upgrading your air Cleaner will boost your Harley-Davidson Street 500 from being standard level to athlete level (especially when combined with an exhaust/Muffler upgrade).  A more efficient intake of clean air allows your engine to perform at top level.  Plus they also look cooler than the stock version most people have.

S&S CYCLE – Mini Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit – Black. Fits XG500 2015up.

PART No: SS170-0446A

K&N – Forward Facing Aircharger Air Cleaner Kit – Black. Street 500 2015up.

PART No: KN-63-1130

#5 A More Comfortable Seat

You obviously love riding your bike so it make sense to get the most comfortable seat on the market to prolong your ride time.

Saddlemen seats are leading the way with their research and development into comfort.  That may sound funny but their Gel Core Technology Combines the attributes of their proprietary SaddleGel with their advanced Progressive Density Foam (Pd-F) to reduce engine vibration by 40%.  You will instantly notice the difference when sitting on a Saddlemen Seat.

If you’re doing anything more than riding up the shops for a loaf of bread the you should invest in one of these.  

Designed specifically for the XG500 it has a great contour shape that helps lock you into your riding position

SADDLEMEN SEATS – Full Fender Solo Seat. Fits Street XG500 & XG750 2015up.

PART No: SAD-815-25-101

Customize Your Harley-Davidson® Street 500 To Suit You

The 5 Areas mentioned here are our Top 5 for improving your Performance, Comfort and Style but there are plenty more options available to you.  You can make your ride truly unique by upgrading your Handlebars, Grips, Foot Pegs, Mirrors, Indicators, etc

One of the greatest things about owning a Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle is that you can make it your own.  design it to suit your personality, your riding style, your attitude.  Your bike becomes an extension of you.

You can click on any of the links or pictures in this article to find out more info and pricing for these parts.  If you have any questions you can contact our Customer Service on 07-3252-5381 for tech advice.  They can help you with your order and make arrangements to supply the parts to your local dealer for installation or collection.

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