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The Flying Pig

Bagger Racing is quickly growing in popularity and it’s easy to see why.  Baggers may look too heavy for a race track but the right setup with the right rider makes it an absolute thrill to watch.  Then you add the personalities & fun elements… Feuling’s entry in the Bagger Racing League has been named “The Flying Pig”, it’s a funny name but a serious contender for 1st place in the 2022 series.

While the racing is intense and highly competitive, the teams behind the bikes are all working side by side to grow this segment of bike racing.

With the top after market performance part manufacturers going head to head it’s a great opportunity to test, fine-tune and innovate.  That’s great news for us as this healthy competition accelerates the research & development of awesome parts for Baggers which we will see on the shelves in the future.

However, right now these awesome bikes are fitted with performance parts that we already stock here at Rollies Speed Shop.

It just goes to show that the right combination of parts and top quality tuning can achieve incredible results.

Note: There is a list of Performance Parts used in the Flying Pig build near the end of this article.

The Flying Pig – Feuling Parts

Preparing The Flying Pig For Race Day

The last time the FEULING Flying Pig saw its tires grace a track, it marked the first podium finish on record for the team in this high velocity class of Bagger GP racing.

With expectations high, the crew journeyed into Utah with a burning motivation to finish on top, and to best the field of bikes and riders alike who would undoubtedly leave it all on the track in hopes of standing atop the podium at the conclusion of the weekend.

Through a full day’s worth of practice sessions leading up to qualifying, the team showed its diamond-like resilience as the bike only seemed to get better with pressure.

Round 1 of BRL Utah 2022

As the final race inched closer by the hour, every minute mattered in the fight for the top. With a few minor adjustments, including a blown fuse that nearly ended the weekend early, the bike came off the track from qualifying with Ben Bostrom sitting in pole position for the main event later that afternoon.

From the start we had our eyes set on the podium, and with each lap of the final race it became more and more apparent Ben and the Flying Pig were a force to be reckoned with.

 As the battle came to a close, Team FEULING saw yet another level conquered as we surpassed our previous best and took second overall, and in doing so started a new tradition of our own, the passing of the FEULING pig.

For now, our beloved mascot resides in the hands of the Trask Racing crew, but as the next round of bagger racing gets closer on the calendar, the unofficial bagger racing trophy will make its way home.

Feuling Parts Flying Pig Racing

With each appearance of the Flying Pig in the Bagger GP, the crew in the pits get hungrier for the tallest step of the podium to be occupied by the FEULING name, just as it has so many times throughout our history.

Ben Bostrom The Flying Pig Rider

The FEULING “Flying Pig” Build List


PART No: FE-7264

Race Series Cam Chest Kit with 592 Reaper Cam

Fits Touring 2017up & Softail 2018up with Oil Cooled Engines

These combination kits not only ensure each individual part is designed to work and function together but to do so in total harmony.

Takes the guess work out of the ordering process and guarantees the engine builder maximum reliability, peak performance and the coolest engine and oil temperatures obtainable.

PART No: FE-9935

6.1g/s Fuel Injector.

Fits Touring 2017up & Softail 2018up

Features & Benefits:
* Flow Rate: 6.1g/s (+27% OE, +11% SE)
* Recommended HP: 110+
* Connector: EV-6
* Cross Reference: OE# 27400015, SE# 27400040
* Sold: Each

* M8 FLH’17up, S/Tail’18up

Feuling Flying Pig Parts Vented Dipstick FE-3088

PART No: FE-3088

Vented Dipstick – Black

Fits Touring 2017up

Feuling vented billet dipstick screws into the factory oil fill spout as a stock replacement part on M8 Baggers.

This breathing dipstick removes unwanted build-up of blow by, which is found in engines with excessive leakdown through the rings/cylinders which is a common issue with large displacement big bore engines.

Feuling Flying Pig Parts Short Sump Plug FE-3115

PART No: FE-3115

‘Short’ Motor Case Drain Plug

Fits Twin Cam 1999-2017 and Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

Eliminate blocking the internal engine case scavenge pick up hole with the FEULING bottom case Short Sump Plug. A common issue with both Twin Cam and Milwaukee Eight engines (more common with Milwaukee Eights) is the sump plug can block off the internal scavenge (return) pick up port. By using a shorter plug, we eliminate the possibility of the plug blocking off this cross port.

PART No: FE-1232

Gorilla M8 Rocker Shaft & Stud Kit.

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

Designed with strength in mind, with over double the strength of the factory & or our competitors shafts. Precision ground from 4140HT steel, gas nitrited & final surface treated.

Custom tooling was created to provide a countersink relief for the bolt/nut head verses machining away the entire end of the shaft per the factory design.

Recommended for all M-Eight engines & especially for engines running higher lift camshafts & heavier valvespring pressures.

ARP Fasteners Manufactured To Feuling’s Exact Specifications

ARP Cylinder Stud & Head Bolt Kit

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up
PART No: FE-3024

Special alloyed stainless steel head bolts, Heat-treated 8740 chrome moly steel studs… The strongest studs & bolts available!

Superior in strength and performance to any other cylinder stud head bolt kit on the market, this kit is designed to exceed the needs of high performance engines.

Precision j-form threads for optimum engagement, to prevent galling and promote more consistent torque loading.

Manufactured by ARP® to Feulings® exact specifications

ARP Internal Engine Fastner Kit

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

PART No: FE-3047

Rocker shaft studs and rocker shaft nuts, lower rocker housings, breathers, lifter retainers, cam chain tensioner, grade 8 oil pump Allen heads, Moly lube and Loctite

Use Feuling/ARP rocker arm shaft studs and nuts to help relieve stress on the M8 cylinder heads. The factory and SE cylinder heads have an extremely weak link with the rocker arm shaft standoffs. By using a stud some of the stres s is transferred from the standoff casting into the stud. The use of higher lift camshafts and heavier valvesprings puts additional stress on the cylinder head making the use of our stud kit a must.

ARP 12 Point Engine Fastener Show Bike Kit

Fits Touring 2017up

PART No: FE-3052

External Engine kit: Cam cover, lifter block covers, rocker covers, case bolts, oil lines, volt regulator, exhaust studs and locking nuts, Moly lube and Loctite

Additional Flying Pig Build Parts Available From Rollies

The V-Twin Performance Part Manufacturers may be competing on the race track but they are also working together behind the scenes to help grow this segment of racing.  It’s a great way to showcase the benefits of using their performance parts and no single company makes all the parts needed for a top level build.

The Flying Pig is Feuling’s entry in the BRL but it’s not just Feuling parts on the bike.  Likewise other entries are sporting Feuling Parts on their builds.  This camaraderie between brands is a great benefit to the whole V-Twin community.  Each brand is working to help lift each other up rather than beat each other down.  As bagger owners, we get to see which brands & parts work well together for our own build.

Below is a quickl list of additional parts used on the Flying Pig build that are available in Australia & New Zealand via Rollies Speed Shop.  Click the gold coloured part number under any image for more info on that part.

THRASHIN 6″ Straight Risers – Black

PART No: TS-TSC-6000-1

THRASHIN P-54 Footpegs with HD Male Mount

PART No: TS-TSC-2020-1

THRASHIN Shifter Peg – Black

PART No: TS-TSC-2100-1

BARNETT Scorpion Billet Clutch

PART No: B-608-30-30017

LEGEND Revo ARC Remote Reservoir Suspension

PART No: LEG-1310-1888

ALLOY ART Chassis Stabilizer


ALLOY ART Shift Linkage


ALLOY ART 49mm Lower Fork Legs


ALLOY ART Radial Caliper Brake Mount


ALLOY ART Swinger Swing Arm


PBI SPROCKETS 24 tooth Transmission Sprocket

PART No: PBI-303-24

KLOCK WERKS 6″ Sports Flare Windshield

PART No: KKC-2310-0671

REKLUSE Hydraulic Slave Cylinder Assembly

PART No: RMS-2415050

Contact Rollies For Expert Advice

We have been building V-Twins since 1979 and we are in constant contact with both performance part manufacturers and local dealerships/workshops.  This gives us extensive knowledge on what works best on all the different models of Harley-Davidson® & Indian Motorcycles®.

We also work closely with developers of EFI Tuning products to get the most out of your newly installed performance parts on old and brand new models.

If you have any questions about parts for your build please call us on 07-3252-5381 and we will make sure you get the correct gear to meet your goals.

Pro Tip: We also have a great library of Dyno Charts you can use as a starting point for designing your build.  You can see the before and after results along with a list of the installed upgrades.

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