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2018 Softail Breakout 114 Torque Build

When you add the right combination of parts and you don’t cut corners you get great results. 

This 2018 Softail Breakout came into Rollies workshop with the goal of boosting it’s torque.   The owner wanted more focus on low end power than top end final horsepower reading and this build provided a well balanced boost for both.

Horsepower:- 90.1 -> 136.9 (46.8 HP increase / 51.9% increase) 

Torque:- 109.3 -> 149.6 (40.3 ft-lbs TQ increase / 36.8% increase) 

Softail Breakout 114 Dyno Chart

Building A Low Range Torque Monster Softail Breakout…

Does keeping the 114 on the side makes this a sleeper?

Those that know engines will spot the difference but I like the idea of being underestimated while cruising around.

To get these power gains the first thing we did was put an S&S 128″ Big Bore Kit on it and threw in a 540C Camshaft. Those are the core performance parts for an impressive boost in power.

There are other parts we’ve added inside behind the 114 label on this Softail Breakout, but the Big Bore Kit and Camshaft are the most significant.  This combination is much more affordable than most people expect.

Note: Parts are listed in this article so you can find more info and current prices by clicking the links provided below.

Built For Performance & Longevity

The owner wanted it to have high torque kicking in at the lower rev range which was easily achieved with the 540C Camshaft.

The other requirement was a solid, trustworthy build that could handle the power and require minimal maintenance.  He wanted us to remove the stock weakpoints that would struggle to keep up with the increased power of his modified Milwaukee-Eight. 

This is why we went with the full S&S Cam Chest Kit (containing the 540C Camshaft, Cam Plate, Oil Pump, High Lift Valve Springs, Lifters, Quickee Pushrods, Tappet Cuffs & Cam Chain Tensioner).  We also added an Oil Control Valve, Head Bolt Kit, Rocker Stud Kit, High Lift Springs for the stock heads and a 55mm Performance Manifold from S&S Cycle.

Softail Breakout 114ci Build

The Finishing Touches On This Softail Breakout 114

Softail Breakout 114 Upgrade
Exhaust for Softail Breakout 114ci

Adding a TRASK Vented Transmission Top Cover helps relieve the pressure build up in the Milwaukee-Eight engine.  This is the same one they use on TRASK’s “King Of the Baggers” race bike.

The exhaust also needed to be switched out.  It came in with a large Vance & Hines 2-into-2 which was holding us back on the Dyno.  We put on a Sharp Curve Radius pipe from FREEDOM Performance Exhaust and hit the numbers we were aiming for.

Note: This 2018 Softail Breakout 114ci build can be broken down into 3 parts to suit any budget.  Your Core Parts will get you most of the gains for a very reasonable price.  The Additional Performance Parts add some extra HP and the Supporting Modifications to ensure that you have a solid build that can handle all of this power long term (no weak points in the chain).

Core Performance Parts For Impressive Power Gains

Big Bore Kit for Softail Breakout

PART No: SS910-0684

128ci Big Bore Kit with Highlighted Fins – Black

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up 114ci Engine

This kit delivers a great boost in power by transforming your 114ci into 128ci. 

More Air = Bigger Bang = More Power!!!

These S&S Big Bore Kits are excellent value for money on a Milwaukee-Eight engine.  then you just add the Camshaft that fits your power goals and you’re most of the way there.

S&S 540C Camshaft for Softail Breakout 114

PART No: SS330-0713

540C Chain Drive Camshaft Kit

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

The S&S 540 Cam was designed to add even more stump pulling torque to your big bore M8, for those that keep the revs below 6000 rpm.

Big horsepower numbers are the status symbol of a performance engine, but more often than not, the bolstered torque spec is what you really feel when riding it.

Note: This is also available as a Cam Chest Kit #SS310-1118

Additional Performance Parts For Extra HP & Torque

PART No: SS160-0241

55mm Performance Manifold

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

Big bore engines are all about the flow, more air in and more air out, anything that slows that down, robs horsepower. The factory M8 intake manifold does a decent job in stock form, but starts getting in the way when trapped between 124ci and larger cylinders. The stock polymer unit is also less tolerant of the additional heat that a big bore engine can make at full noise.

The solution is the new S&S CYCLE high flow cast aluminum manifold. It’s a “must have” for top level performance in the M8 platform on this Softail Breakout.


CheckM8 Vented Transmission Top Cover – Black

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

TRASK PERFORMANCE CheckM8™ vented transmission top cover fixes the excessive crankcase breather pressure issue on Harley-Davidson M8 engines.

* Reduce or even eliminate the oil coming from the head breathers on your M8.
* Machined from Billet Aluminum with a Boyesen one-way reed valve to vent the excessive crankcase pressure.
* No annoying hose on your dipstick to worry about when checking your oil.
* Proven on the Trask Performance King of the Baggers Race Bike.
* Free up horsepower on M8 engines by allowing to rev easier.

Softail Breakout with Sharp Curve Radius Exhaust

PART No: FPE-HD00702

Sharp Curve Radius Exhaust – Chrome with Black End Caps.

Fits Softail 2018up

We’ve tested a ton of pipes over the years and the Sharp Curve Radius from FREEDOM PERFORMANCE EXHAUST always gives us great results from an upgraded engine build. 

We switched out the old 2-into-2 on this Softail Breakout with the superior Sharp Curve 2-into-2 to add some extra HP on top of the core performance parts.

Supporting Modifications For Engine Longevity

PART No: SS310-1150

M8 Oil Control Valve

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

The stock assembly includes a check ball retainer that is formed steel. Over time, this retainer can fatigue and break, causing chips to flow through the oil system, back into the tank and can cau sing significant damage along the way. 

The S&S oil control valve is constructed of 6061 billet aluminum and the check ball retainer is machined from high stength steel, for long-lasting durability. Don’t risk the itegrity of your performance engine!

PART No: SS900-1006

S&S Head Bolt Kit

Fits Touring 2017up & Softail 2018up

* Heat Treated 8640 Steel
* 200,000 psi Ultimate Tensile Strength
* 14% increases in strength over stock
* Reusable

PART No: SS900-1013

Hi-Strength Rocker Stud & Nut Kit

Fits Milwaukee-Eight 2017up

* Helps prevent M8 Cylinder Head Cracking.
* Relieves stress on the M8 cylinder heads.
* The factory and SE cylinder heads have an extremely weak link with the rocker arm shaft standoffs.
* By using a stud some of the stress is transferred from the standoff casting into the stud.

Take Advantage Of Our Expert Advise For Your Build

We would like to be humble but when it comes to building bikes we are real experts.  We don’t have theories and guesses or regurgitate things from YouTube videos.   We have tried and tested countless combinations so we know what works best.

Rollies Speed Shop has been modifying V-Twin Motorcycles since 1979 which gives us a wealth of experience and knowledge.  We are also in constant contact with dealerships/workshops all around Australia & NZ.  We work closely with the developers of Tuning Software and we work directly with Parts Manufacturers in the U.S.A.

We don’t mention this to brag, we just want you to understand that we are in a unique position to help you choose the right parts to meet your bike goals and your budget.  We know what will work best for your model and which parts will compliment your current after market modifications.

If you have any questions about individual parts or complete builds please give us a call on 07-3252-5381. 


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